As regular readers know, I believe the UK’s legendary ‘democratic process’ to be simply theatre. So I view the upcoming ‘election’ as a performance, in which actors deliver scripted dialogue in support of a ‘story’ the public will accept. If you, however, prefer to treat the (s)election as a real, genuine process, you must be … Continue reading THE (S)ELECTION COMETH

Novi-Chok Full O Nuts

The story so far… Chemical warfare horror in England! Some iffy substance turned up in Salisbury. Two Russian people (ex-spies, we are told) got sick and then got better. Two English people (iffy substance abusers, we are told) got sick and one died. The iffy substance in Salisbury was (we are told) a man-made poison … Continue reading Novi-Chok Full O Nuts

A Letter to the Dinosaurs

Dear Dinosaurs,What a shame you continue to walk the earth. We thought we had left you far behind with your dragon teeth and pea-size brains, but still you roam and roar in the safe-space of Jurassic Parliament. Mostly we’re too busy to remember you even exist. London tourists claim the occasional sighting – they say … Continue reading A Letter to the Dinosaurs

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