Jerky Says Peabrain is Numpty

jerky says


Look at your perfumed, grinning, arse-wipe  political heroes and vomit your dinner. Weeks, months, two bloody years of Brexit headlines, all of them bull, and all of it shit dropping on your head.

“May says Corbyn blaaaaah.”

“Boris says May    blaaaaah.”

“Corbyn says May blaaaaah.”

“May says Mogg   blaaaaah.”

“Javid says Brexit  blaaaaah.”

Jerky says peabrain is numpty. This is your daily diet of non-news.

Judge them by what they do, not their words. Two years of words, not one morsel of change. Words are all they ever have to offer, and every one is a weasel. The simplest instruction in British political history – leave the EU – was delivered by the biggest popular vote in British history.

Result? NOTHING.

It doesn’t get any simpler, kids. Screw you in capital letters. (Capital as in ‘London’).  And now the “NO DEAL BREXIT” headlines are daily delivering Project Fear 2 : “This Time It’s Desperate.”

Go scrape the kank from your souls, weasels. No deal was always the only deal. You don’t compromise with a head-louse. You don’t negotiate with a parasite to stop him feeding on you. You walk away, and when he realises how badly he needs you, you sell him the service he was stealing at a proper price. How complex is that?

(Too complex for a globalist.)

If anything worthwhile emerges from this fiasco, it will be a surge in the number of people who understand that the system is fake, the game is fixed, democracy is a shiny, expensive illusion, and the expenses are all ours. You and I pay the bill for that grubby illusion.

Mays, Blairs, Merkels, Junkers and Macrons parade across the pages and screens, preening and pouting in feeble, staged photo-ops, insisting they are “in control” of something anything.

When reality intrudes, they fall on their smirking, powdered faces and another well-groomed psychotic fake steps into their shoes.

And still the mugs go out to vote.

The parties are the festering root of the problem. Big-buck banks and Uber-parasite families own the parties.

There is no Labour Party.

There is no Conservative Party.

What exists  is a control grid that captures everyone dumb enough to stray into its cancerous territory. A friend of mine was recently elected to Parliament. (This is not the first time such an event has happened).  I can state with 100% conviction that in a mere two years he has been transformed from a well-meaning, naive idealist, into a conniving, self-serving ass-kisser. That is what happens. It’s all that ever happens.

Again and again, people are lured into politics by their passion for change – the desire to make a difference. But every time, they are swiftly crushed by the existing forces, the vested interests, and the utter impossibility of changing anything at all. In the aftermath of the shock, they cling to the job and the unearned wages as a compensation for their terrible disillusionment.

No politician will save you, Brexit or Britain. Stand up yourself or lie down and take it. If you can’t find the guts to speak the truth about our corrupt country down the pub, stay home. If you dare not tell your ‘friends’ what you really think, stop pretending they are friends. If you don’t value the truth then go ahead and live the lie.

Every man and woman has to stand up for themselves. If you can’t be an individual, the collective will eat you and crap you out.

Your choice. End Of.


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