Endof was born in January 2017 and was originally a website named That  website is now retired but the words & videos just keep on coming. With the launch of the 99endof blog, I decided to dovetail the Ian Andrew-Patrick Youtube Channel and the blog, so here is a quick list and description of available videos. Just click on any title to view on Youtube. Enjoy!


Guardian readers Beware – The Russians are Coming!
The insane Russian Conspiracy garbage pushed by the Guardian’s international Fake News team.
Lines in the sky preview
Preview of the weather-modification documentary I’ve been working on for two years now…
Dirty Words
A rejection of the word police and the untenable concept of hate speech
Guardian Readers Wake Up!
A short visual explanation of who and what lies behind the Guardian’s facade of “independence”.
LGBTQ Adults Only
A warning to the identity politics groupthink Borg
How Do You Kill A President?
A history of American Presidential Murder
Wot They Don’t Teach You In Skool
Money, Fear and Food – what kids need to know
Manchester Terror – Let’s Celebrate Diversity
My reaction to the outrageous media response to the Ariana Grande massacre
Carry On as Normal – Islam not a Problem
Anger at the pro-Muslim propaganda follwing terror attacks in the name of Allah
UK Election changes nothing – Sadiq Khan Has to Go
London’s Mayor unmasked
Royal Ascot Preview 2017 -Terror, Grenfell & the Queen
The real Royals of Royal Ascot – Arab Kings and Princes.
Captain Kirk finds Racism on Earth
Kirk reacts badly to BBC anti-white bias
Freedom of Movement
Satire on the EU open-border policy using domestic and wild birds.


Zombie Zoo
Trumpety Trump
You Gots Ta Move
European Blues
My Twenty Twenty Vision
Islam Strikes Again
Vintage Blues in Bristol

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