A Letter to the Dinosaurs

Dear Dinosaurs,What a shame you continue to walk the earth. We thought we had left you far behind with your dragon teeth and pea-size brains, but still you roam and roar in the safe-space of Jurassic Parliament. Mostly we’re too busy to remember you even exist. London tourists claim the occasional sighting – they say … Continue reading A Letter to the Dinosaurs


Talentless freeloaders known as ‘cabinet ministers’ pose and preen as “rebels” and “hard-liners” to the point where projectile vomit feels like an under-reaction. Days of delays slither into weeks, only the seasons change, and the calendar months clatter by like a Brussels gravy train.What in the name of God (Allah? Christ?) are we paying these … Continue reading BREXIT IS DYING FOR THE NAZI DREAM ECONOMY


NEGOTIATIONS – THE TIME-WASTING TANGO Flying pigs over Westminster signal the start of something even smaller than usual…the wheels of parliament spinning in the sand, the body politic creeping towards a ghost named Brexit like a limbless centipede, the only discernible motion being the occasional spastic twitch. All the party-political parasites concerned are spinning this … Continue reading TIME-WASTING TANGO

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