As regular readers know, I believe the UK’s legendary ‘democratic process’ to be simply theatre. So I view the upcoming ‘election’ as a performance, in which actors deliver scripted dialogue in support of a ‘story’ the public will accept. If you, however, prefer to treat the (s)election as a real, genuine process, you must be … Continue reading THE (S)ELECTION COMETH

BREXIT AND THE TINRAT- have you got it yet?

It’s the oldest trick in the book. The Idiots Never Read About Tactics – TINRAT for short. The idiots (we the public) thought voting Leave meant we would leave the EU. How they laughed, up at Westminster. And the TINRAT machine groaned into action. First tactic is the cluster-bomb of a thousand headlines, each with … Continue reading BREXIT AND THE TINRAT- have you got it yet?

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