Flying pigs over Westminster signal the start of something even smaller than usual…the wheels of parliament spinning in the sand, the body politic creeping towards a ghost named Brexit like a limbless centipede, the only discernible motion being the occasional spastic twitch.
All the party-political parasites concerned are spinning this “negotiation” bullshit way out  beyond credibility. It cannot be long before the emperor’s grubby underpants vanish without trace and Joe public screams aloud :
Excuse me, but bugger all has changed. Bugger all! This is not Brexit!
A blind man can see the next step in the time-wasters Tango will be “no deal has been agreed”. The “no deal” script offers limitless opportunities for doing the square root of naff all. And as the years go by the underlying purpose of Brexit – the return of control over national policy, borders and population – fades into irrelevance as the very nature of UK society is irreparably transformed (dismantled / destroyed, if you prefer) by unchecked globalist forces. In other words, if we don’t stop this madness pretty damn quick, it will be too late – which is precisely why the Tango is proceeding.        

1 thought on “TIME-WASTING TANGO

  1. “Tha's” reet mate. The referendum was always meant to be a dummy (pacifier) for the masses. Remain = the status quo and Leave was always meant to be exactly the same but a decade later!!!!


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