BREXIT AND THE TINRAT- have you got it yet?

It’s the oldest trick in the book. The Idiots Never Read About Tactics – TINRAT for short. The idiots (we the public) thought voting Leave meant we would leave the EU. How they laughed,
up at Westminster. And the TINRAT machine groaned into action.

First tactic is the cluster-bomb of a thousand headlines, each with a different Brexit horror spin – Endless Migration! 100 Billion Bill! Eternal Single Market! Repeat on a weekly basis (and they have).
And the clock ticks on.
Next, the best and oldest tactic of all – neverending elections! Because politicians can never do anything (least of all Brexit) without the people’s say-so. (The people said Brexit, actually, but obviously that doesn’t count). So, since the Brexit vote we’ve had :Cameron quits!Cue leadership election for the Tory party in 2016. Corbyn under fire! Leadership election for the Labour Party in 2016. (UKIP have had a bunch of leadership elections but obviously they don’t count). Unrest in Parliament! So, a general election in 2017. And now, surprise surprise (not) it’s time for ANOTHER general election in 2018.
And the clock ticks on.

Have you got it yet?
Not a single EU law has been repealed in the UK.
UK immigration policy is still EU immigration policy.
The UK remains in the EU single market.

There is no Brexit. There is no sign of Brexit. Brexit is not happening. Brexit does not exist.

And with each passing month, a clutch of elderly Brexit voters die, and a clutch of freshly brainwashed kids emerge from the globalist education camp, ready to vote Remain in the NEXT referendum. (The one that ” could never happen ” – how they laughed at that quip!) Tactics, you see.
And the clock ticks on.

With each passing month a new wave of third-world benefit tourists arrives to claim (among other things) “asylum”, and are gifted their citizenship with a handy leaflet explaining (among other things) how to vote.Their relatives and friends explain (in their own language) why they must vote Remain (in the referendum that WILL happen – you can bet your house on it). Everyone smiles. Tactics.
And the clock ticks on.        


Have you got it yet?

1 thought on “BREXIT AND THE TINRAT- have you got it yet?

  1. I do not condone violence,but the only way to stop this seems to be a Civil War


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