Lockdown Insanity Will Destroy Britain

The clown show of Britain’s lockdown is dragging our lives down into a bottomless pit of destroyed businesses, shattered lives, unemployment and unpayable debt. All day, every day we are subject to a a babble of quacking voices from the “authorities” , although they only ever have three things to say.

1. Death is here, spiralling, soaring, death tolls, infection tolls, more death and yet more.

2. Reduce your life to a wretched, shambling imprisonment. Obey every order and shut up.

3. Give my department huge sums of money for “more, vital,  essential —” (fill in your wish). 

There are three important points to make in reply…

1. Death was always here, and always will be. Every doctor’s life is a war on death, but so is every human life -and everyone of us loses, every time. Death cannot be defeated. Illness can be treated, disease can be fought. That is the history of life on earth.

But diseases must be seen in context. We don’t destroy the entire society whenever the death rate rises slightly -and a slight rise in the death rate is all that is occurring. Politicians -and the highly-payed toadies who got appointed to top NHS health jobs for brown-nosing the right ministers- stand revealed as ignorant and helpless in the face of an unknown disease. Admitting this would be a useful start. Instead,their “response” is a pathetic combination of panic and pointless gestures. Every day the same “experts” who couldn’t prevent this happening to start with insist that THEY -with the gift of 20/20 hindsight- can tell us all how to solve a problem of which they clearly have very limited understanding. There is -literally- no proof that any of the increasingly absurd restrictions on public behaviour has made the slightest difference to the outcome of this pandemic. Nothing. As usual, the airwaves are obese with deafening “predictions”  and “estimates” from self-styled “experts” – although every one of these stabs in the dark is ditched (“revised”) and re-launched with brand new numbers every day. Like horse-racing tipsters, they smother us in so many guesses that- in the aftermath- all will be claiming they “got it right” because somewhere in that mountain of random speculation will be a lucky guess or two.

2. The number of people whose lives will be ruined or ended as a result of the lockdown / economic holocaust taking place will far outstrip the toll from covid-19 itself. This much easier to predict than the mysterious progress of the Coronavirus, because we have centuries of records of what happens in the aftermath of economic collapse. It’s ALWAYS the same after the economy vanishes. That is why any government’s real duty must be to the future -to the lives and destinies of the functional majority – not the short-term losses of the unfortunate few. Depression, hunger, poverty, suicide, drug addiction, crime, mental illness -all become epidemic in their scope and universal in their spread. These are the inevitable consequences of our government’s bedwetting response to Coronavirus – and that of most other western nations.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Swedish and Japanese administrations have conspicuously not gone down the road of burning the farm to save the cabbage patch. I predict that in the (probably unending) post-mortem that will follow, these two countries will have suffered no worse than others in loss of life. Sweden and Japan -unless they allow themselves to be persuaded into deep-sixing their economies- will emerge from the pandemic with functional, sane societies which did not commit hara-kiri because of the demographic equivalent of a sore finger.

3. Today -like the last several days- a thousand “expert” voices are screaming that they must have “more” In a leap of staggering illogic, the media are singing ‘mass testing’ with a single voice . ‘Mass testing’ is the ‘key’ to defeating the virus, says the Mail, the Guardian, the Times, the Telegraph, the BBC. Whenever the media sings with a single voice you can be sure the globalist elite are leading the choir. Remember the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ opera? (Lies and propaganda). Remember the Syrian ‘poison gas’ WMD horror (Lies and propaganda). The head of the World Health Organisation (click HERE to read about this particular corrupt little shyster) just spent a fortnight singing the praises of China for it’s Coronavirus contributions. (What? Like unleashing a plague across the world?) And by the way, can the WHO have more money and power please? (He adds, with a smile.)     More testing, more beds, more ventilators, more masks, more mortuaries, more nurses, more, more, more , more. And in our 21st century inter-connected capitalist heaven, more means more money, and wherever politicians are involved, more money means more of YOUR money. Say goodbye to public services, say goodbye to low taxation, say goodbye to millions of jobs because Coronavirus, like war, like every other engineered crisis means MORE -and the global money-go-round grinds into action. The debt -to the govt passed on to we the people- will be too large to ever be payable, for one simple reason. The central banks will contribute the square root of fuck all -as usual.

Every week of this moronic “lockdown” drags us deeper into the pit of the coming depression. Britain will not recover within any of our lifetimes -or that of our children- if the geniuses demanding six months more of a police state get their way. The apocalyptic visions they are seeing -in the entrails of chickens for all we know- will most certainly come true if their lockdown wet dream becomes reality. Destroy the economy and society’s destruction is guaranteed to follow. Coronavirus could never have destroyed the entire country. Only experts can – and they will.

Ian Andrew-Patrick

7 thoughts on “Lockdown Insanity Will Destroy Britain

  1. Johnny Walker Read

    Bravo, a pound of truth among a metric ton of bull shit I am bombarded with on a daily basis. Thanks for that.

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    1. Thanks Johnny – I was once an MSM journalist but -well you can guess what happened. I’m getting hundreds more visits to the blog since Lockdown – I think there are more people waking up every day, and I know the info, links and ideas are reaching more people, which is the whole point. It really helps keep me going to hear from sane people ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Biggy

    Fast track to hell; thanks government, who, cdc and other carnival administrators.

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  3. SC

    You had me at โ€œsquare root of fuck-all.โ€ More please.


  4. Why has the world succumbed to obey a eugenicist madman who nobody elected to be medical dictator, anyway? What does the “philanthropist” Bill Gates of Hell know, anyway, but (according to his own admission) how to use vaccines, “health care”, “Reproductive services” (abortion), Geo-engineering (chemtrails), 5G radiation, food additives, GMOs, fluoride, propaganda, ( of both left and right media sources, who he funds to puff him as the world’s savior)? Can’t we all live much better WITHOUT all his elitist bullshit?

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