Corona virus: we need to take this seriously

Fear is such a cool thing if you want total control of the planet. They tried the annihilation of all life on earth – nuclear holocaust: Mutually Assured Destruction  (MAD) , then global warming (Climate Change) and now we get Coronavirus (laboratory product). A virus named after a beer? Really? I bet they wouldn’t have dared call it Budweiser Virus…

We don’t like to brag here at 99EndOf (actually we do) but we predicted the entire Coronavirus scenario -and its accompanying propaganda hype- over a year ago -you can read

that article by clicking HERE. Given the current flap, it’s worth another look.

But what of today, and the virulant virus going virally viralous?

Remember SARS and Ebola and Swine Flu? Pay attention, losers! Don’t you realise you can get killed out there? Get back in your homes and watch tv, damn you! Do some panic buying and lock your doors on the world!

All these unholy terrors are, of course, constructs, manufactured in the rancid imaginations (and labs) of the billionaire assholes who see their own death on the horizon and decide that all humanity should fear the Reaper as much as they do. It’s a bitch, facing death, when you have more money than America and it just ain’t fair that you have to die exactly like those dumb jerks who never made even a lousy million. But don’t worry – the classic psychotic’s compensation is to do his damnedest to control the entire world, for five minutes at least. “Go global”. World Government-Global Rules-Global Vaccines – anything at all with the word World or Global in front of it. Shut up and obey! Who the hell do you think you are, having an independent nation that prioritizes its own people?  The WUUURLD is dying/poisoned/burning and its yore fault, you selfish rube. I bet you flew in a plane twice this year for your unnecessary holiday while the earth blazed! You deserve your bloody Coronavirus! Take Coronavirus seriously!

Strange how the songs of praise to globalism and open borders never include a verse about how quickly a “killer disease can go global” is it not?

Just for the record, do you recall Zika virus, the one that was gonna kill y’all? Fact check : Patent owned by billionaire psycho Bill Gates – yes, he owns the Zika virus. Enter Coronavirus. It’s also gonna kill y’all. Newsflash! Patent owned by Bill Gates -yes, a significant Coronavirus patent is also owned by young Billy Gates. (The patent is held by The Purbright Institute, a Gates Foundation subsidiary in dear old Surrey, England).   Do you get this yet? Do you see a pattern? Do ya? Or are you the kind of hear-no-evil, bag over your head molebrain who thinks these fascinating new diseases just appear cos, well, Mrs Wu ate a bat or something?

So let’s forget that the Chinese city of Wuhan – the epicentre of the Coronavirus phenomenon- is home to FOUR SEPARATE BIO WEAPONS LABORATORIES. Because that couldn’t possibly have anything to do with Coronavirus coming from Wuhan, could it? (CLICK HERE for more details).Just like the UK’s very own Salisbury Novichok  bioweapon deaths had nothing at all to do with the Porton Down BIO WEAPONS LAB.  (Where bioweapons including Novichok are manufactured 6 miles down the road from Salisbury itself. CLICK HERE for our coverage of that fiasco). Jeez Louise. How dumb do they think we are?

Fortunately there are plenty of “experts” on hand to help us in our our of viral peril. Experts like the good people at the World Health Organisation, which is pontificating about Coronavirus even as I write these words. Read on.

The WHO – (World Health Organisation) is headed by a man named Tedros Adhanom. His previous job was Health Minister for Ethiopia (yes, Ethiopia, stop sniggering at the back), where he was an enthusiastic member of the Marxist/Leninist ruling party. The year BEFORE Mr Adnahom became WHO chief, the WHO had the following to say regarding the country whose health he was in charge of :    “The health status of Ethiopia is poor, even when related to other low-income countries including those in sub-Saharan Africa. The population suffers from a huge burden of potentially preventable diseases such as HIV, malaria, tuberculosis, intestinal parasites, acute respiratory infections and diarrhoea diseases.” But that didn’t stop our boy getting the top job, did it?

Anyway,  Adhanom’s first act after becoming chief of the WHO in 2017 was to try and appoint Robert Mugabe (the mass-murdering psychopathic tyrant running Uganda) to the WHO as an “International Goodwill Ambassador of Health.” Yes, he really did.

Pop quiz! Given the choice, would you have put Tedros Adnahom in charge of:

a) a kebab shop

b) a public toilet

c) the World Health Organisation

d) none of the above?

There is only one certainty concerning Coronavirus. In short order, a vaccine will be produced by the selfless folks in the pharmaceutical / miltary complex health industry, and the WHO, the UN, and the government of your own country will join hands to explain the the only possible way to save us all from a Pandemic of holocaust proportions will be MASS  VACCINATION. Do not kid yourself. The end game of this process is to somehow, by any means necessary, persuade the entire world that governments must be given the power to FORCIBLY INJECT CHEMICALS INTO YOUR BLOODSTREAM. This has been the wet-dream of every power-mad regime since the first hypodermic raised it’s dripping needle erect. The Nazis begat the Eugenicists, who founded the League of Nations, the UN, the Club of Rome, the WHO, UNESCO, the WWF, the whole effing lot. It’s not one endless, seamless, brilliantly-planned conspiracy. It’s just an endless succession of the same kind of power-mad maniacs, generation after generation, all pushing in the same direction, reaching for the same glittering prize – total control (the power of life and death) over the entire human population of the planet. And vaccines have so far been their most successful attempt. Already, the average child in the USA will have (courtesy of parental consent) received over thirty separate vaccinations by the age of 16. Over 30 doses of commercial chemical soup fired into into a developing body.

But a mind-boggling explosion of horrific immune-system dysfunctions and related conditions (that exactly parallels the explosion in vaccination programmes) has finally turned public suspicion into open revolt. Rapidly-growing numbers of intelligent, educated people are refusing to submit their children to the tsunami of virus-cocktails churned out by a pharmaceutical industry whose profits are as obscene as its products.

In response, propaganda outlets like the globalists’ very own English-language house magazine The Daily Mail, have been reduced to pushing vaccination adverts so repulsively blatant that the Streisand Effect kicked in, making even casual headline-readers all too aware of the sales-tactics being employed. And now, as have grown suspicious of the vaccination carrot, it is no surprise to see the Coronavirus stick being waved in our face.

This, if anywhere, is where we must-as individuals and communities- draw the line and refuse to obey. Our bodies do not belong to the State, period. To help expose this insidious propaganda onslaught, 99EndOf has conducted a specific two year study of the Daily Mail’s hysterical online campaign to help Big Pharma in its plan to vaccinate us for everything from obesity to hay fever, and this weekend we will publish the analysis in full. It will shock you. It matters. Stay tuned.

Ian Andrew-Patrick                     


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