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It saddens me, but every time I see a picture of London it’s either kids stabbing each other or badly-dressed goofballs whingeing about the horror of meat or men or weather. Or else it’s Mayor Sadiq Khan explaining why London is just fab since he got his hands on it. This week’s rag-bag of mindless capital-city activism is no longer a “shock” but the norm.

You can see how we got here. In 21st century Britain there’s no shortage of mature slackers who are ‘retired’ or ‘independently wealthy’ or milking the benefit system. Plus there’s all their kids- the entitled, the stupid, and the bored, unemployed ones with a thirty-grand debt they picked up while studying gender and Netflix at Woke College, Barnsley.
The internet is where all these people have been living – if by living you mean ploughing through Youtube all day in search things to be pissed off about. Any old cause will do if it means you can join a group and escape from the existential misery brought on by your lack of effort. Veganism, climatism, feminism, these things get you out of the house, and you can tweet about your heroic protest all night when you get home. For part-educated losers, protest as a lifestyle choice can really open up social opportunities. It’s a lot like going to university but much cheaper and even old people can turn up with a fair chance of getting laid. And who can resist a day out in London?
It’s London’s bad luck that there’s a square bit in the middle of it called Westminster. It’s a big, cold place where crafty, lazy people gather to collect a large wage for doing nothing while talking a lot and having their pictures taken for the newspapers. You can see why politicians attract protesters, because they’ve got the dream jobs that all the protesters want. So the old hippies and the rural eco-nuts and their dozy spoiled brats gather around Westminster in huge mobs and talk loudly (and chant and sing) and have their pictures taken for the newspapers. It’s like attracting like.

If there are any real Londoners left they’re keeping their heads well down below the parapet. I don’t blame them. In a city and a society where outraged moral impotence is a badge of honour, the Do-Nothing London Parliament and Extinction Rebellion are perfect bedfellows. Neither produces anything but headlines and photographs. A suspicious fellow might even say ‘it’s like they were made for each other’.

And he would be right, because both are hollow, manufactured organisations which use the same techniques to serve the same purpose. Let me explain. This is our old enemy: the ‘Hegelian dialectic’ in action. The Hegelian dialectic it is a social control mechanism also known as problem / reaction /  solution. Kings, dictators and so-called ‘governments’ use it all the time, and it works like this.

When you want to push your population into agreeing to something they dislike, the worst  thing you can do is come right out with your evil plan. I will give an example which is entirely hypothetical -no one would ever do anything this ridiculous- but it shows how such a scheme can be carried out.

Okay. Lets imagine you wanted, for example, to force everyone to accept an unnecessary vaccination. You wouldn’t just come out and say so. Instead, you would promote a barrage of scare stories about a non-existent plague that is just around the corner, and tell this lie until enough gullible people are afraid.

Now you have created Part One      : PROBLEM.

Frightened people look for help and advice -indeed, if scared enough they will actually demand help, and immediately.

Now you have completed Part Two : REACTION

The national authority – the king, dictator or “government” is the obvious source of help and advice. So at this point, “authority” steps in and offers the answer -a special plague-killing jab.

Now you have arrived at Part Three : SOLUTION  (universal vaccination).

And, by and large, most people never suspect that the ‘solution’ was the whole purpose. The fake problem and the reaction it caused were just necessary steps to ensure the SOLUTION was ‘requested’ rather than imposed by force.

(Anyone who actually employed the above approach would, of course, make billions for themselves and their friends in the pharmaceutical industry. Thank heavens that could never happen to us).

In the same way, climate change -the scam formerly known as ‘global warming’- is merely the latest in a series of hoaxes similar to the (imaginary) one above, in which a fictional ‘catastrophe’ is declared to be just around the corner and the terrified population beg their merciful rulers to save them (with new taxes and laws, of course). It is here that we see how the Do-Nothing Parliament and Extinction Rebellion are two prongs of the same rusty fork.

These are troubled times for Hegelian forkers. The blunt refusal of the British political class to obey the public and deliver Brexit has had an unintended consequence. The farce went on for so long that the feckless occupants of Westminster were finally revealed as the powerless actors they always were. And this put the party drones in a tricky position. Problem / reaction / solution, you see, was built into the Parliamentary system as a foolproof method of permanent control, as in…

PROBLEM  : the Party in charge breaks its promises to the people.

REACTION : these people are scoundrels!

SOLUTION : We must elect the other Party!

(repeat for centuries)  [CLICK HERE for more info on this control system]

This was working fine until both major parties became united in the effort to prevent  Brexit. Suddenly, the game was up. The ‘great division’ in Britain was no longer the fake one between Right and Left, Blue and Red, Pepsi and Coke. A real divide had opened – between Parliament and the people they pretend to serve.

Hegelian logic requires, however, that the next “solution” (to our eternal imaginary crisis) must be requested by the people themselves.

And behold – like a miracle – a new movement emerges to defy the unified traitors of Parliament- Step forward Stingshun Rebelyun! A movement of “the people” , who will glue their balls to the Cenotaph and breast-feed meerkats in public till their nipples freeze to demand…gosh! Exactly the same things that Parliament already wants. Who knew? Carbon taxes, global government, open borders, yada yada, just check out the relevant government website for tomorrow’s list of essential virtuous postures.

A truly progressive revolution this one, where the oppressed rise up as one to deliver the wish-list of their oppressors, gift-wrapped in bio-degradable rice-paper.

Viewed through the Hegelian lens, all the peculiarities of the current and future London protest theatricals can be resolved, all the bizarre anomalies explained.

Why are eight police required to arrest every Stingshun Rebel?

Because that way they can’t ever be stopped.

Why doesn’t the government want to stop them?

Because well-meaning sheep are exactly what the Do-nothing Parliament wants.

There is a tsunami of money – tens of millions- behind this fake ‘grass-roots uprising’, which is nothing more than a coalition of the aged, bored and work-shy. The conjuror draws our eyes to the rabbit of ‘climate change’ while Brexit of neglect, and the globalists tighten the noose of total control. As I write these words, the fake British government is combing our primary schools to find the UK’s very own Greta ThinkBorg, who will lead a new generation of fake mini-protesters to ensure a fake new world for all.

Truly, the turkeys are voting for Xmas.

And the true Londoners -if there are an left – are be too busy earning a living to even stop and stare.

Roll out the barrel…let’s have a barrel of fun…

Ian Andrew-Patrick


Ian Andrew-Patrick   

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