An ugly, terrifying sound is in the airwaves : the sound of western mass-media all singing the same tune. Not for the first time, Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iran is the song, and Donald Trump is the target audience. In the two years since his election shocked the American Deep State elite to its core, various ploys have been tried to nudge President Trump into their war games. So far, however, his responses have been -for them- frustratingly intelligent and cool-headed.But events in the Middle East may be spiralling beyond Trump’s safety-first agenda.

Before we start digging our bunkers and bulk-buying soup, we need to examine a significant series of events.

In the spring of 2018, faced with the traditional annual “Syrian chemical weapons” hoax,(for details CLICK HERE) Trump managed to walk the tightrope between “massive retaliation” and “letting Assad away with it” by flinging a cluster of cruise missiles into largely deserted military airfields. Casualties were, by modern standards, negligible, and the poodles of Mainstream Media were compelled to congratulate him. Expensive military violence, we must remember, is one of the tricks used to keep the rest of us in line, as we watch the wars on TV and count our blessings for living in an earthly paradise of western democracy. God bless you sweet master!

A few weeks later, an attempted false-flag encore by the WMD hawks floundered when various authority figures, emboldened by Trump’s restraint, stepped out of the shadows to cry foul. Genuine experts (you can watch one HERE)  addressed the absurdity of the Syrian “chemical weapons” fairy-tales, and the story collapsed. Trump, meanwhile, focussed his military efforts on attacking Isis (instead of Assad), resulting in their near-annihilation.

By this point, the Forever War lobby in Washington were gnashing their teeth. The multi-billionaire arms corporations began twisting every arm in the Trump administration in a desperate bid to get the blood-and-gravy train rolling again. Already bloated by their successes under Bush and Obama, the merchants of death were hungry for more, and shifted their focus to Iran. A series of dubious reports duly appeared in the press, with Iranian naval vessels conducting a series of apparently motiveless pirate-raids on ships from NATO-aligned countries. Once again, Trump refused to bite.

Then in June, an Iranian “Defence Ministry Contractor” Jalal Haji Zavar was arrested and very publicly executed, accused of  being an agent of the CIA. (Details HERE)This story, of course, was barely covered in the west, and swiftly vanished down the memory hole. Conicidentally, the Iranian “piracy epidemic” ceased abruptly.

In the aftermath, Trump removed general “Mad Dog” Mattis from overall command, to a chorus of disapproval from his many fans in the arms trade.

Last week, one of the most poisonous hawks to grace the Washington war-mongers community, John Bolton, was fired by Trump following an argument over foreign policy. As Bolton has never seen a middle-eastern country he didn’t want to nuke, it’s not hard to imagine the focus of their disagreement.

On Sunday 15th September, however, it emerged that “explosive drones” had struck the Saudi-Arabian oil facilities at Abqaiq and Khurais, destroying millions of barrels of crude oil. According to Sarah Cottle at S&P Global Platts, this attack has “effectively wiped out the world’s entire spare capacity” of crude oil.

Anonymous “rebels” in Yemen have -we are told- “claimed responsibility” but such claims are dubiously sourced and near-impossible to verify. The noises emerging from Washington DC are ominous, however. White House leakers are priming the usual propaganda outlets at Fox, CNN and MSNBC, with “inside information” to the effect that the Saudi attack was carried out by -you guessed it- Iran.

What a remarkable coincidence! A week ago, Trump fires John Bolton – the most notoriously bloodthirsty insider in all DC, a man who has promoted and pushed for war non-stop for over twenty years – and this week the full-on Iranian conflict for which Bolton has been begging seems poised to erupt at last. (Iranian opinion of Bolton HERE)

Trump, naturally, is now in a cleft stick. It’s no secret that his presidency has been under Deep State assault from day one, from the Russia hoax, the Kavanaugh hoax (back for an encore today, see THIS), to the Syria hoax and now the mysterious, scarcely credible Iranian “attack” on Saudia Arabia.

Whoever lit this fuse -and the suspect list must include several US alphabet agencies- Iran is set to carry the can. Trump is under the greatest pressure of his political life. Can he really be expected to defy the whispering voices of the CIA, the Pentagon and their hi-tech corporate partners?

The rest of us -and the rest of the world- can only watch and wonder.

Ian Andrew-Patrick      


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