no tax if no leave

Tax is how we reward our government for obedience. There is no clearer command than a referendum result. The government refuses to obey this command. The government, therefore, is  no longer entitled to its reward.

A switch from the so-called “Conservative” government to a so-called “Labour”  government will not change this fact. Neither party will obey the people’s command. Why on earth should we reward employees who refuse to work?

There is a simple contract between employer and employee: deliver the requested work and you will be paid. Imagine you work in London, driving a cab. Your boss informs you that as of Monday you will no longer take passengers south of the river Thames. Two years later you are still taking fares south of the Thames. You explain that it is not really clear (to you) where south of the Thames is, and tell your boss that you really like driving to to south London. Indeed, you would rather keep on driving to south London. Do you think you will keep your job?

The contract between taxpayer and government is that simple. Both Tories and Labour know perfectly well what leaving the EU means, but neither will admit it. Both pretend this is a complex issue, when it is not. The public -even those who voted to remain- can now see the so-called ” government” for what it is – a puppet show run by banks and corporations. International banks and corporations : “globalists” they call themselves.

Government pretends that it works to protect the people from these predatory companies. The exact opposite is true. The government exists to protect the globalists from us. The vote for Brexit, therefore, was a vote against  the globalists. The globalists are revealed as the REAL employers, and the UK government now works for them, not you and I. This could not be clearer.

Yet millions upon millions of British people refuse to believe these simple truths. Millions of people are still bamboozled by the garbage pumped out on mainstream media. TV and radio stations, newspapers and magazines never stop insisting that everything will be solved if we just replace politician X with Y, if we just get a new Prime Minister, if we just have another election, just one more referendum, etc.

What this means is simple – everything will be alright as soon as you and I (the public) just piss off out of it and let the politicians get on with their REAL job, which is taking orders from the corporations. Bear this in mind, bitter Remainers, when the crocodile turns its jaws upon you. One day your democratic will be the order that goes unobeyed, and the stench of your role in the Brexit betrayal will rise up to choke you.

For the rest of us, the future is simple.  There should be no more free gifts to feed the crocodile. If the government won’t obey, the people don’t pay. Tear up your tax return and put another lock on the door. Fascism is what happens “when state and  corporate power become merged“. Those were the words of the dictator Mussolini, who knew a thing or two about fascism. The merger of state and corporate power IS the EU, and we all know it. Add a bolt to that extra lock on the door, and better put some bars on the windows.  That’s how you learn to live in a fascist state.

Or you can get some more pills from the doctor, and just pay your taxes. like a good little peasant.

Ian Andrew-Patrick

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