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Like everyone else, I am a lot more likely to be killed by a car than by any of the diseases for which the vaccination industry offers protection. To put this in perspective, I would have 100% protection from death by car if driving was forbidden, but that will never happen. People’s enthusiasm for driving cars and their freedom to choose is more important than the minimal danger that puts me in. In the same way, people’s enthusiasm for not having chemicals injected into their healthy bodies and their freedom to choose is more important than the minimal danger to others this represents. Starting here, we see that vaccination can only be optional, never compulsory.

There are many arguments for and against vaccination as a principle and, for and against certain vaccines in particular. Humans are imperfect and so are our products :  not all vaccines are created with equal care or function equally well. With regard to certain particular vaccines, it is not by no means certain they work at all. Furthermore, the commercial motives driving the vaccination explosion of the last 20 years should alarm any sane observer. However, life and blogging is too short to cover the vast spectrum of  pro/anti arguments in one post. That battle is being fought elsewhere. I am happy-for the moment- to address the vaccination issue simply to make what I see as the one crucial point.

If the state is ever allowed the power to compel us to have chemicals forced into our bodies, we may as well open the concentration camps and form a queue for the ovens. The grim history of the politicised world is the story of state power being abused against helpless populations who were powerless to resist. No state -not any state, and certainly not ours- can be trusted with that power. Despite the tireless efforts of extremists from both left and right, all citizens of the United Kingdom remain -for the moment- in control of the contents of our own bodies. No doctor or politician can force anyone to have their bloodstream and vital organs compromised by unwanted chemicals, however well-intentioned the desire may be. Not yet.

But very soon you will be told this situation has to change. Here is just a small selection of the kind of excuses that will be presented to persuade you that vaccination must be compulsory.

1. “Mass immigration has brought an “unexpected” influx of dangerous diseases from Africa and the Middle East. Without an immediate mass vaccination programme our cities will be ravaged bY an epidemic…” of [ Zika virus / Leprosy / The Mystery Pox ] pick your favourite plague. London Mayor Sadiq Khan will appear on television to explain that forcing people to accept vaccination against an imported pathogen  is “just part and parcel of life in a modern global city”.

2. “Diseases that we thought were under control have ‘mutated’ “(by accident, of course, absolutely no possibility of commercial genetic engineering here…) “which means strange new, deadly variant are threatening to run wild unless we have an immediate emergency vaccination programme which cannot possibly work unless it is compulsory.”

3. “Scientists have discovered a flaw in the basic DNA of  96% ” (basically everyone) ” of the population which is responsible for the epidemic expansion of ” (ooh, let me see, emm, Autism, Alzheimers, Dementia, Cancer, something like that…) which can be rectified by an immediate vaccination programme of every new-born child.This will ensure a safe future for generations.”

4. “A bewildering brand new deadly disease has appeared from an unknown source ” (you may remember this technique from the AIDS/ HIV launch) “and without an immediate emergency vaccination programme..” etc etc I think you’re getting the idea.


When the Big Push comes -and believe me, it is coming soon- the PR campaign will be modelled on one of the above stories or a very similar variation thereof. All the above fairy tales have already been trialled in tabloid news “reports” and scare stories spread by mainstream television and radio.

The drug industry, which invents these frightening stories, are (a) carefully monitoring which are the most convincing, and (b) ruthlessly, constantly lobbying the British government to introduce laws to make one-just one- vaccination compulsory. Because if they can get just one needle-load of lab-engineered germs made compulsory for everyone, they can basically write blank cheques for untold billions to themselves. It really is that simple.

And if it so happens you don’t want to go along with that? Well, you will have to learn the hard way…




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