Mask Comes Off the Globalist Thugs


They don’t even pretend any more. The illusion of  democracy has been dropped. Your vote counts for nothing, because no amount of votes would be enough. You do not have a government – you have a team of rulers who do not even live in Britain. One by one they place their stooges in front of you, in all the power positions, until there is no-one you can turn to for help, except their stooges. Here are three glaring examples from the UK.


NAME                                  TITLE                                                              REAL EMPLOYER

Mark Carney               “Governor” of the Bank of England            Goldman Sachs, USA

Sajid Javid                  “Secretary of State ”                                         Deutschebank

Sadiq Khan                 “Mayor of London”                                          Muslim Council of Britain

France is no better.

Emmanuel  Macron             “President” of France                                        Rothschild Bank

A parade of so-called “Prime Ministers” have been placed in front of the British public in the last twenty years, all of whom took an oath to obey the orders of the British voting public. In fact, every single one has ignored the public, and taken their orders direct from the European Union and the United Nations.

Neither the EU or the UN is run by elected officials. Both the EU and the UN are led by “appointees”  put in place by the central banks. These banks  control all the world’s economies by imagining “money” into existence, and using this imaginary wealth to put all the “nation states” into endless, unpayable debt.

The EU and the UN despise nation states, and are doing everything possible to destroy them. This is the purpose behind the fantasy of an insane “borderless world” which sounds so very wonderful to silly 12 year-old girls and six million British “students” with silly 12-year-old brains.

The “Prime Minister” parade of globalist stooges crashed and burned when David Cameron betrayed his masters by stupidly allowing the Brexit referendum to happen before the EU was ready. Their plan had been to delay the inevitable vote until enough immigrant families, foreign “students” and EU “citizens” had been shoe-horned into the UK. That would have guaranteed a Remain victory.

Cameron, however, jumped the gun in his desperation to be remembered as something more than the sock-puppet he always was. The EU’s mass migration scam had not gone quite far enough and the last of the genuinely British public rallied to swing the referendum for Leave,

Cameron was immediately sacked by telephone (You’re finished, loser. Go out there and resign, trigger a leadership election and kick the Brexit vote into the long grass while we sort out the bloody mess you’ve made”).

While the Tory party pretended to argue over the poisoned chalice of leadership (nobody wanted to carry the political can of worms for Brexit) the globalists quietly approached each potential Conservative leader to find out who would be prepared to deliver an utterly fake “Brexit” under instruction from Brussels. Theresa May agreed, and the rest has been two years of phoney “negotiations”.

These negotiations were pure theatre for the mass media propaganda machine, nothing more. The reality was two years  of long, agreeable lunches followed by meaningless “statements” which changed every single week depending on the menu.

Now, with the Brexit gun to her head, May stood up in front of Parliament and announced a “plan” which contains not one change to the status quo regarding the EU, except that we hand over tens of billions of pounds and go on accepting orders. No laws change, no rights change, nothing.

And the alternative, we are told, is catastrophe, dead bodies in the streets, mass unemployment, disease, death, no more beer, no more food, no electricity, no football, nothing.

And all the while the glove-puppets at the BBC and elsewhere blather on about “Hard Brexit” and “Soft Brexit”  and”No Deal Brexit”, although none of that was ever a voting issue. The referendum was not a multiple choice question – it was STAY or LEAVE, end of story.

Theresa May’s mask is off now , and all an see the leering face of the EU thug that now confronts the British people -an in your face, up-front globalist pirate. Stop kidding yourself you can vote your way out of this. See this island for what it is – a bought and paid for globalist colony – because we haven’t the guts to turn on the scum who sold us out. If you swallow the lies of May or any other fake PM then  you deserve what you will get – an unelected World Government, and a lifetime of kissing the ass of an unelected World President. End of.




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