Paris has been defaced. London has been sold. San Francisco is a sewer. Athens and Stockholm have been ruined. You shrug, it’s a shame, but you don’t really care, because you live in a nice, small town or village. The gang-murders, the rape, the drug-dealing wars, the moped muggers, the ghettos filled with sub-Saharan immigrants – that’s big city stuff.   It couldn’t happen to your neighbourhood.

Dream on, villagers. Third-World welfare tourists are being dragged into Britain so fast, the colonisation of the small towns and the countryside has already begun. Massive pressure is being put on the rural paradise of Wales to become a”sanctuary country” – no joke. This is how the globalists work – they buy off regional councils (say goodbye to the “Welsh” Assembly, residents of Wales) and then you, the locals, get globalism shoved straight down your throat by your very own politicians.


Perhaps you voted LEAVE in the Brexit referendum. If so, you must have realised by now that the UK government no longer obeys the British people. Your opinion is not wanted and your vote has been declared meaningless. Your voice has been ignored. The illusion of democracy has been shattered, and in your heart you know it.

Perhaps you voted REMAIN, and you are feeling chuffed that the so-called “government” has decided to do the “right thing” and hand over control of Britain to unelected European crooks for ever. Perhaps you think those unelected Europeans are angels who care only for peace and harmony and security. Fine, everyone’s entitled to a dream. But at the back of your mind, is there not a small voice that says what if there was a referendum and my side won and the government just ignored us?

What if there was a referendum choice between “Britain should obey only laws created by the World Government” – YES or NO.  Suppose you thought that was a step too far and voted NO. And then you woke up two years later to find the World Government already in charge of your town, your water and electricity, your local school, your tax returns…and your so-called “government” is now telling you “the referendum was just a guide and we are still negotiating our relationship with the World Government” …


Do you seriously think that couldn’t happen? Because that is where the EU goes, the logical end of the process of creating a gigantic empire run by people who cannot be voted out. That empire must grow until it controls the entire planet, because a gigantic empire has no other purpose.

When your voice has been ignored, YOUR illusion of democracy will be shattered, and too late, you will understand what happened.

The EU is not intended to protect countries, it exists to destroy the individual nation states – they don’t even pretend to care about countries. Not content with stealing the banks, the ports, the borders, the courts, the profits and the food supply, now they are stealing the language to prevent you committing wrongthink and pushing back..

Nationalism is the opposite of patriotism, says the sock-puppet French PM, As Orwell spins in his grave.

“Far Right” means anyone who objects to Europe becoming an African colony. This means you.

I drive all around the British countryside, every year, working. I visit dozens of wonderful towns and villages and hamlets where the best conditions for living that civilisation ever created are still being enjoyed. And each year, each month I also see the cities, bursting at the seams as mass immigration stuffs every room. But the people keep coming and now the cities have begun leaking their excesses out into the suburbs, and the towns beyond. This obscene procession -the one thing that we, the British people, demanded be stopped -unlimited, uncontrolled immigration- is actually accelerating.


In reality, you have two choices. Unlike in the referendum, the choice you make WILL make a difference. You can (a) choose to go along with the destruction of Britain, and do whatever you can to hasten that event, by agreeing with whatever BBC news, Radio 4, the Telegraph, the Guardian etc decide to tell you. Your small town or village will resemble a slum in Mogadishu before you know it.

Or, you can (b) stop cooperating with the liars and the crooks, and halt their insane plan to make everywhere the same hellish dump (under their control). Stop voting-you are wasting your time and you know it. Disagree with every attempt to persuade you and your family to believe anything stated by a politician. Create local groups to oppose everything that smells of ‘globalism’. You will be amazed how much you can do, because you will be amazed how many tiny globalist plans are already up and running in your area. Spoke their wheels, refuse to cooperate.

In the Islamic republic called Sweden, the Green Party has already tabled a proposal to confiscate ‘over-large houses’ and give them to immigrants. Under the proposal, “authorities would be able to “evacuate people who have too large housing,” for example “couples where the children moved home or cohabited or where the partner has a residence elsewhere.” How  many of your family or neighbours would that cover? Don’t think this idea won’t be floated here in Britain because I will guarantee you it’ll be discussed in your corrupt Parliament by 2020.

There is still hope for Britain, but only outside of the big cities. Resistance begins right now, at home,  or might as well be abandoned. Draw the line at your own front door. You are stronger than you know, and there are many, many people willing to help if you make yourself known. Do not bite your tongue when you hear PC globalist gibberish being spoken, in the pub, in the school, in the village hall, or at the dinner table.

You cannot vote your way out of this trap. But you can walk away from it. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. The first step is your doorstep.


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