Brexit Cancelled: Britain Does Not Exist

brexit kancelled


What does ‘Government’ mean when our Prime Minister has to ask the EU for permission to leave?

What does the word ‘Britain’ mean when a Wall Street crook heads the City of London?

What does “British” mean when a committee run by a  German decides who gets a UK passport ?

What is a “British citizen” when illiterate immigrants who cannot speak English get to vote in our elections, without contributing a single penny or an hour of labour?

Two years of lies and waffle, and “the UK” has a “deal”. Yes – a rotten crooked steal of a deal. Welcome to the “Let’s Call it a Brexit” deal. Say goodbye to Britain, my friends, because it’s over.


When every last bit of power has been surrendered, a country does not exist. So does Britain exist? Not as far as Parliament are concerned. The last four  Prime Ministers -and the current one- are all in complete agreement that we, the people, have two choices now. We get either a “No Deal Brexit” (translation: No Brexit), or a “Look it’s a bit like Brexit!” (translation: Fake Brexit).

Neither is acceptable because both are EU ideas, designed in Brussels to make sure nothing whatsoever will change. As you have probably noticed, nothing whatsoever HAS changed, and that is exactly the future they have prepared to roll out as the phoney “deadline ” approaches.

1. First comes the Theresa May “Bad Deal” Fake Brexit. After all the Westminster windbags have dribbled all over it, this will be rejected “on behalf of the people”.

2. Then comes the “No Deal” Brexit -more windbaggery, nothing changes,then

3. “Brexit Deadline” is ‘extended’.(Cancelled) – more windbaggery, nothing changes, then

4. A pointless general election aimed at producing a hung Parliament. Nothing changes, then

5. Do all the above again

6. Repeat the above while 2 million ‘new’ voters are imported.

7. Lower the voting age to 16.

8. Hold another referendum.

9. Remain wins, nothing ever changed, EU lives happily ever after.

This is the real plan behind the”May Deal” Brexit. Extension / negotiation / transition  = CANCELLATION. How hamster-brain dumb do they think you are?

No Deal Brexit – what exactly is the problem? We chuck their rotten fascistic orders in the bin and start making our own laws again. End of.

                  “But it’s not just laws, it’s trade and business and it’s agriculture!”

Like these three never existed before the EU? Did the EU invent the plough? Markets? Investment?

Shut the door on all existing trade deals tomorrow –literally tomorrow, cancel all agreements- and anyone with anything worth selling will have a new deal within 24 hours with anyone who wants to buy. That is trade. Supply and demand, old as the hills, simple as scratching an itch. Anyone producing good stuff will get it sold. Con artists and cheats have nothing to sell but their empty promises – who will miss them? That is how a real market works – as opposed to the ‘dealers ring’ of the EU bankster brood.

                 “But “billions will be lost!” 

Oh yes? Whose billions, exactly? Monsanto‘s billions? The Deutschebank? The Bank of England ?

(Which does not belong to England or anyone English in any way shape or form). As sure as big fish eat little ones, billions will be lost but that is an everyday thing for UK taxpayers. Our billions are being stolen everyday, not lost. because not one UK citizen ever voted to send one penny to the EU gangsters. The “lost billions” they speak of are the billions of profits that vanish every week into Brussels on their way to the offshore tax-havens so beloved of the billionaire class.

                “But you can’t just cancel business agreements overnight!”

That is one profoundly crass statement. It is two excrutiatingly long years since the Brexit vote – what kind of Mickey Mouse business needs two years to negotiate a deal? Answer: a crooked, rotten business that has no intention of changing. Why prepare for change when you’ve been tipped off that the fix is in? The corrupt Parliament of Britain assured their globalist masters that nothing at all would change – gave a filthy, traitor’s promise to every finance crook, every Russian thief, every Arab thug on the run.

“Your money’s safe with us” croons the oily American leech, sorry,” Governor” Mark Carney, who takes his orders direct from Goldman Sachs (the “Vampire Squid” of dirt-bag economics). And he is right. The rest of us suckers can only sit and watch as Britain collapses beneath two invasions – one of super-rich international crooks and one of third-world welfare parasites.

We tried voting our way out of this trap and got two fingers from Parliament. The Tories won’t do it. Labour won’t do it. Don’t kid yourself anybody else will get the chance.

May’s Parliament has lost the right to govern, but Parliament does not belong to her or any other  globalist stooge.  Parliament itself  has gone rogue, refusing to obey the will of the people it pretended to serve. When any government defies its own people and obeys orders from elsewhere, the country is effectively gone. This is why, as a democracy, as an independent state, Britain no longer exists.

We are not citizens of the UK now. There is no United Kingdom. We are stateless peasants, mute, dumb creatures with no say in our destiny. Our nation-and we ourselves- have been sold to a foreign dictatorship.

You might wish to take this matter up with your MP. In person.  Or is it time to start handing out smocks and pitchforks?

End of.                                                              IAN ANDREW-PATRICK




Ian Andrew-Patrick

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