All Men are rapists, all whites are racist, biological sex does not exist, all immigrants are refugees, the entire population of Africa is welcome to enter your country and claim benefits. Hurt feelings is the same as physical assault and expressing your negative opinion is hate crime (unless the subject is male, white, British-born or heterosexual).

The Boomerang Flight of the New Left Albatross

This is a litany of naked, indefensible lies, and yet, by endless, mindless repetition it saws a groove of sympathy into brains too fragile and flaccid to resist. Crass non-issues explode into endless divisive battles – left v right, men v women, black v white, gay v straight, trans v everyone, them v us, with no middle ground, no quarter given and no voice too sensible to be silenced by a righteous howling mob of masked PC warriors.This is the boomerang flight of the new Left albatross – banking so far left it goes right around the back to become the arse-wipe of fascism.

You can’t explain this to a half-wit progressive (because explanations are for sane people) but -shock horror- not everyone wants to prance around with a label declaring they are “right” or “left”. Some  humans can walk upright, make decisions and form opinions on their own. We don’t all need a party-political comfort blanket or a handkerchief mask to liberate our inner anarchist.

Everyone on the right -which, in case you missed it, is everyone not far-Left, THIS MEANS YOUobserves from afar, blinking in understandable disbelief.

Independent Thought is now Fascism

Independent thought is now fascism, because left has changed from a political place to a religious desert island. On far-Left island, belief trumps everything and God comes complete with huge breasts,  penis, vagina and a beard. Progressives are God’s angelic, vengeful, morality troops, and great white sharks of social justice patrol the conversational surf with their fangs bared.

When you are crazed enough to see yourself as an avenging angel, it is normal to view everyone who disagrees with you as satanic. Here is born the bizarro-logic of the far-Left: that infantile check-list of acceptable opinions which absolutely must be held or to hell with you. In Progressive Universe, even to question the idea of, say, eternal, unlimited immigration, exposes the truth-speaker as a Nazi racist, because in the fantasy cloud of religious extremism everything, everywhere is always free (except speech). Every day is Judgement Day, heaven or hell, angels versus Nazis, so where do you stand, buddy? It’s a moronic Western juvenile attitude, but hey, everything is free for Western juvenile morons.

Unsurprisingly, this flabby, lowbrow doctrine is hugely popular among the younger, dumber creatures in the zoo of British society. Leaking from its base in the impacted bowel of State Education, the far Left has spread like an aggressive tumour on the face of (all but forgotten) sane liberalism.


The Virtue-Signalling Cookbook

Now I can forgive  the malchik millennials who are still detoxing from 12 years of Bolshevik  brainwashing at school, but actual grown-ups have no excuse. I used to know many sensible adult humans who held a reasonable enthusiasm for traditional left-wing ideas. But now, every last one has been dragged out onto the very wingtip of raving cockatoo gibberish, where self-obsessed trans-posers arjamie olivere nailed to the crucifix of gay rights and biological reality goes out the window. When a university-educated fifty year-old adult looks you in the eye and says “there are more than two genders” you know she’s been chewing sandwiches of crazy meat.

This is not rocket science. Kids get off on Marxist lecturers the way their parents get off on TV celebrity chefs: the kick is in the idea. Mrs Middlebrow watches Handsome Chowhead assemble an attractive, delicious plateful of stuff that looks and tastes nice but is, let’s face it, totally disposable. Although she may buy the recipe book, she rarely does the work.

In their parallel world, students take a selfie with a scarf on their face, tweet a couple of quotes about equality, announce they are “radical”, and buy a copy of Das Kapital which is never read but kept on display like mum’s cookbook, #myrevolution. 

The difference is that while Jamie Oliver & co. are machines for flogging dinner-porn, the modern university is a wildly expensive fan-oven designed to super-cook young minds. If you think this an overstatement, try and explain fundamental biology to one of the growing band of celebrity charlatans who call themselves “experts” in gender studies. You’d find it easier selling smartphones to fish. Rational conversation is impossible with someone who thinks reality alters the moment they say so: ( I identify as Qaz, the giant centipede, got it?)   You can’t expect a social constructionist to smell the actual coffee with his head stuck in a party-bucket of deep-fried pronouns.

Your Children Are Being Taught How to Hate You

This is why the Left is trying every conceivable ploy to plunge the voting age. They’re pitching for 16 but would settle for 17 (as a start, usual tactic). Given the chance, they would cheerfully award the vote to ten year-olds tomorrow, because 90 percent of all schoolteachers are far-left, immature virtue-signallers, indistinguishable from the numbskull children in their clammy grasp.  Angels versus Nazis is a game any ten-year-old can understand, and the inglorious future on our collective menu is an “arrested development” society filled with phone-prodding Peter Pans. About ten million millennials think “liking” a digital prompt is “political activism”. Jesus fucking Christ. See how that works out when they open the Western political-prison camps, you witless slackers.

So if you are -god help you- parenting a school-age child, I suggest you get them the hell out of there pronto, and home-school, however challenging that might sound. Because the alternative is watching as your own offspring is trained to hate you and everything you hold dear. Your own little angel will be looking for Nazis, and in 21st century Britain, every kid knows that fascism begins at home.

Ian Andrew-Patrick

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