Tommy Robinson Trial is Exploding in Sajid Javid’s Face


Is he too hot to handle, or just too big to fail? Tommy Robinson walks free again as yet another judge body-swerves the issue. “Nuffink to do wiv me mate!” was the message from Judge Nicholas Quillier QC -the latest  establishment stooge to look into the face of legal reality and bottle it big-time.

Nobody wants to touch this case because everybody knows it stinks. It’s time to explain why – and who – the entire Robinson arrest and imprisonment tale was a disgrace from the start. Six months ago on April 30th, Sajid Javid became the first Muslim Home Secretary in British history. I wrote then : “Sajid Javid is nothing but a bought and paid for Globalist puppet whose loyalty is to his self-confessed Muslim heritage and the banksterboys who made him rich.”

I stand by every word of that article (click above to read it) but I had not realised how very quickly this poisonous plant from the Deutschebank would try and prove his worth to the EU goons bent on wrecking Europe with their migrant tsunami.

A mere 25 days into his job, Javid oversaw the grim sequence that had Tommy Robinson arrested, charged, convicted and imprisoned within a matter of hours, in a display of brutal, primitive force of the kind that modern Middle-Eastern savages love to wreak on their terrified populations – see Saudi Arabia / Qatar / Pakistan for examples.  Thrown into jail-although innocent- for a non-offense that should never even have threatened incarceration. You could see the shame on the faces of the arresting officers as they bundled Robinson into the paddy wagon.

But three months of solitary confinement and three court appearances later, it’s all too clear where the order came from. Till the day he is driven from office -and he will be- the curse of Tommy Robinson will return again and again to haunt the posturing fool who wanted to show his bosses what a hard-nut he could be : step forward, the worst excuse for a Home Secretary in history – Sajid Javid.

Make no mistake – the arrest, the kangaroo court, the instant jail sentence, the move to the Muslim-dominated jail, every link in that chain of sordid gangster trickery  has Sajid Javid’s fingerprints all over it. But the bankerboy who plotted to re-cast himself as a premier politician had miscalculated -oh how wrong he got this one- and today Robinson is back on the streets, ten times stronger, hungrier than ever to expose the nasty truth of the multi-cultural nightmare, and with millions more supporters than he could have dreamed of.

The Stasi-style orders were given by the Home Secretary and no-one else, ns everyone from the lowest turnkey prison-warder to the big-wigs at the Old Bailey knew it. One by one, the biggest and best lawyers and judges took a quick shifty at the facts of the matter and muttered “no thanks” before beating the retreat.  Not my problem, said judge after judge, and now, October 23rd 2018, this catastrophe of a case has been kicked all the way up to the Attorney General. At this rate the Tommy Robinson verdict will end up being delivered by the European Court of Human Rights which would be a glorious irony considering Robinson’s well-publicised and well-founded loathing of all things EU.

For now -and for as long as he dares- Tommy Robinson is magnificently, defiantly free – free to report and rage against the stories our PC PC’s are ordered to ignore.

But in Downing Street – make no mistake- the knives are being sharpened for Sajid Javid. Remember his grotesque legs-spread power-photocall the day he got confirmed? We all know what happens to hooligans who expose their crotch to the enemy. Go for it, Tommy!  40fbc-rabid2bsavid2bjavid


Ian Andrew Patrick  


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