They took something reasonably good -not brilliant, but okay- and turned it into rotten filth.

Once, when somebody said “BBC” we thought: well-dressed newsreader, funny cartoon animals, sport on TV… 
Today somebody says “BBC”and we think: sexual obsession, mentally ill perverts, anti-white racism, government lies, far-left propaganda...

Christ Almighty, do you you remember when certain BBC programmes were “anti-establishment”?
BBC 2018 is a mincing pansy with a beard, big tits and a cock in its hand, slamming you in the face with a meat hammer, screaming- “ESTABLISHMENT! ESTABLISHMENT! EAT-THIS-SHIT!”
I’m not even going to dignify this latest mental case with a name – suffice to say it is trying to nail every medal in the oppression Olympics and is only one wheelchair short of a clean sweep.   


The bee bee bloody cee is so far over the top I’m betting it’s only a matter of weeks until they launch BBC/TRANSTOTS, the channel specially designed to persuade YOUR sons to chop off their penises. I am absolutely not kidding, not one bit. According to their their own internal report  they are already employing five times more LGBTQffDIYWTF people than the relevant percentage of the British population. All in the name of the new god “diversity” to serve the (non-existent) “trans community”.

What? Why? Who is no problem- that is a guy (well, perhaps he is, who knows?) named James Purnell (project manager) who is so thrilled to have crammed in 400 percent more queers than necessary, he’s now running a special recruitment drive to get more lesbians in there fast. Why? To mitigate against “heteronormative” behaviour in the workplace, of course, you stupid homophobe.

[Note for English graduates, the word “normal” has now been officially replaced by “heteronormative” in the BBC VOCABULARY HANDBOOK, get your copy for only £14.99 plus p&p].

Did you hear that chaps? Assuming there are any straight guys left at the Beeb, he’s going to mitigate your heteronormative dick right out of there.  What’s it to be, the chop or the sack?


Once upon a time (as they used to say on Jackanory) this kind of shocking info would have been leaked by a horrified employee desperate to alert society to the Orwellian nightmare we are paying for. But BBC2018 makes these announcements right in your face because they are actually proud to be the most twisted, biased, racist, Marxist knob-jockeys in the UK, and they’re turning up the heat on you, and especially most of all, on your kids, who they absolutely cannot wait to pervert.

Deviation is the norm, ‘normal’ is verboten, get your filthy heterosexual lifestyle out of our building!

I swear, they must have the stinking corpse of  Jimmy Saville propped up in a glass cage in the Director’s office, to keep everybody focussed on the road to Broadcasting Hell.

In a brain-bursting irony, the last smouldering rump of regular BBC viewers are, we hear, honest license-paying  pensioners. Are retired bus-drivers and housewives who grew up on Blue Peter badges and Z-Cars  really gagging to see Eastenders replaced by Teenbenders?

Now there’s a party-political spin that hovers in the orbit of BBC conversations, and I want to halt that right here. People of the Tory persuasion are in the habit of getting right up front and shouting “it’s the fault those filthy lefties at the BBC!” (which happens to be true). But it is also the fault of Conservative politicians – every bit much as any other variety of political animal. Does your Conservative government not promote the trans-pants agenda just as madly as the rest? Do Conservative women not dive into hijabs at every (photo) opportunity? Could your Conservative government  not sack the Director General at the BBC for promoting disgusting child-targeted sexual confusion and perversion?

Nasty truth : all governments want their BBC. The BBC is the vehicle that guarantees Big Official Lies (BOLs) will be broadcast with trumpet fanfares and solemn faces. (Recent BOLs : Kuwaiti babies stabbed in incubators, Anthrax, Iraq did 9/11, WMD, Syria uses chemical weapons on its own people every three months, yeah, right). The Marxist scum who infest the BBC are free to promote their whole catalogue of pro-Muslim / feminazi / transpants / anti-white drivel :  in return, when the government of the day wants to roll out a Big Official Lie, overpaid BBC employees keep schtum and draw their salaries in a  morality-free vacuum of silent cooperation.  It’s a trade-off, with viewers -and their kids- used as the currency.
It was the same trade off for Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris and their chums, and it’s a trade-off today, because if you think the BBC isn’t still a pedophile-magnet you need your heteronormative head examined.

So don’t try and hang the BBC circus tent around Corbyn’s neck alone. This is THEM -the whole rotten establishment- versus you, just as with Brexit, just as with any other BOL. If you are still coughing up the license fee, shame on you, because you are colluding in the planned demolition of a once-decent society and paying football-star wages to creeps and deviants into the bargain. Keep vulnerable children insulated from anything whatsoever that bears the dreaded BBC stamp, and as for the license money, tell the posturing freaks to shove it, once and for all, up their gender-fluid fundament.

Ian Andrew Patrick

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