The Mickey Mouse Degree – only 25,000 per kid!

They may as well start handing out Mickey Mouse degrees to 12 year-olds
– to go with the free hormone blockers and optional hijabs. That’s what they want for your kids, after all. And every day you send your kids to school that’s where they’re going – into the arms of mindless extremists – fanatics, freaks and perverts.

A 21st century state school will never be a place of learning

It’s important to remember that most government organisations perform the function opposite to the one implied by its name – e.g. the Ministry of defense is obviously the Ministry of War. It should come as no surprise then, that the true purpose of a state school is the exact opposite of education. A state school exists to prevent education, and the “education system” itself is in reality a matrix of obstacles purpose-built to subvert the possibility of learning anything significant.
Understand, this is not to say that all schoolteachers are part of some monstrous conspiracy. Most teachers are at least well-intentioned and are genuinely trying to do a good job. They fail for two simple reasons. Firstly, it is impossible to succeed within a framework which has been deliberately shaped to hobble success. Second is the unavoidable truth that teachers are admitted into the profession by a process of government selection – which means they are themselves the product of state education – ignorant, and as a consequence, afraid to question the system which shaped them.
The government, we see, has achieved its aim – a Mickey Mouse ‘education’ cycle that produces and reproduces just what government wants:  poorly developed teachers in charge of undeveloped children, who grow into poorly developed adults.

 The education system is now a perversion of schooling

The education system is now a perversion of everything schooling was intended to be, and a pitiful shadow of the worthwhile process it once -very recently- was. The proof is in the pudding – the sugary, stodgy, nutrient-free layer cake they now call ‘higher education’.
When university degrees guarantee nothing except a lifetime of debt for 75% of graduates, the true nature of the corrupted system is exposed. Any system that actually succeeds in its purpose -like the worthless education cycle- inevitably reveals itself through repetition. Nobody working in a KFC kitchen to pay off the debt they owe for the privilege of a Mickey Mouse degree in ‘women’s studies’ is going to recommend university to their own children. Yet these comic non-subjects attract the ignorant young like flies to jam, because courses requiring real application are out of the question for people whose development was intentionally stopped at the school gate on day one of year one.

Children should be taught how to think, not what to think.  


That the system is succeeding in its grim, repetitive purpose is demonstrated by the casual acceptance of utterly worthless ‘gender’, ‘feminist’ and ‘diversity’ studies in universities, secondary schools and even primary schools. Teachers who were genuinely educated would never agree to allowing fact-free propaganda like this into the classroom. And nor should any responsible parent.
A  genuine education hugely increases the likelihood of employment. Jobs are becoming increasingly hard to find – a side-effect of new technology and robotics we are told, but that is only a half-truth. Thanks to the globalist ‘diversity’ scam, your kids will be competing for work (or benefits) with cheap imported workers – who are conveniently dumb enough to fit nicely into the  government’s plan for tomorrow’s herd.
The herd, in governmental wet-dreams, is entirely ignorant, childlike and permanently afraid. Look through the eyes of the people-farmers and suddenly you understand the logic of state-sponsored ‘safe spaces’  and ‘trigger warnings’. Look through the eyes of the people-farmers and see the Mickey Mouse logic of  identity politics, where no child is left behind in the oppression Olympics, and every victim gets a prize. Fear is the key. Be afraid is the only lesson that must be learned. Because so long as you are afraid, you will obey orders from the state, because only the state can protect you and you will be guaranteed a (tiny) reward because only the state can reward you.


It’s the year 2020. A young woman stands on the brink of adult life, twelve years of ‘school’ and an expensive degree in something or other behind her. An average ‘student’, she has been correctly shaped by the system. She knows practically nothing of practical value. She knows that as a female she has been discriminated against from birth. She is aware that her father (if she ever knew him) cannot be trusted to advise her on the journey of life, because men are oppressors and exploiters of women. She is suspicious of her mother for having cooperated with her father. She has been hothoused like a rare, precious plant, protected at every turn from the offensive things she was taught to see everywhere. She rejects racism, sexism, the patriarchy, gender norms, the nuclear family, you name it, she’s rejecting it. A thousand times a day the screen in the palm of her hand delivers reassurance that she has learned the lesson. But now, today, a world of opportunity awaits – out there, beyond the Fear. She  blinks in the surprisingly harsh light of freedom – the freedom of choice – and she hesitates. Because freedom of choice is not an idea she has been used to confronting. Until now, all the choices have been made for her. The teachers knew what was right and wrong and she knew too. She turns away from the painfully bright light and with a sigh, retreats to her bedroom. It’s all too much, really, this whole crazy independence thing. She drops onto the bed, flicking through a few dozen images on Instagram as downstairs, her mother lifts her eyes, momentarily, from the iPad and calls “are you alright?” 
And she probably is alright – as alright as everyone else, anyway. After all, pretty much everyone she knows thinks just the way she thinks. In fact, they think exactly what she thinks. Then a picture of someone who looks very similar to herself appears on the screen – she smiles and presses “like”.
It’s what you do in the herd.      


Ian Andrew-Patrick

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