I don’t want to live in a cruel, brutal dictatorship that controls every aspect
of my entire life. I don’t want to live in China. You don’t, either (unless you’re a sick billionaire globalist whose idea of the good life is a gated compound complete with armed guards and a nuclear bunker). Like every sane human on earth, I don’t want the government telling me what to do, what to say, what to think, under threat of death from an unelected elite.

Although my ancestors were Irish, I was born Scottish, spent 25 years in England and now live in Wales. You could safely say I am British, and I am quite clear in  my mind what that is supposed to  mean. (1) Brits are innocent until proved guilty of any crime, (2) free to express our opinions in public, and (3) entitled to defend our society and our national borders against unwelcome intrusion.

The British government exists to serve the wishes of public and has no right -and I mean ZERO RIGHT- to put the interests of any foreign country, or group of countries, above that of its own people. No matter how large or aggressive the desires of any foreign bank, business, army or international organisation, the UK government exists at our pleasure, and is obliged to obey us before them.

Until quite recently, these were facts that no-one would dispute. However, in the run up to the long overdue Brexit vote, all these truths were disputed every day, as if the entire history of a country could be erased simply by shouting very loud. 

A colossal effort has been made to brainwash us – and young people in particular – into believing (1)  that we, the British people, are collectively guilty of many terrible crimes, (2)we are no longer free to speak our minds, and (3)it is fascism to defend either British society or our national borders.

Those screaming the loudest are the confused juveniles who got indoctrination instead of  education. Progressive fanatics disguised as teachers shovelled far-left dogma into the gaping holes in the minds of these unfortunate kids, so now the little darlings think they believe in  communism. They know that screaming very loud is what communists must do (instead of dialogue) because their teachers said so. They “know” that dialogue is unnecessary, because -as their teachers told them- anyone who disagrees with progressive (communist) thought is a fascist who must be silenced.

Young British people -schoolchildren and students- are being re-modelled to become useful idiots : the “good citizens” of a totalitarian regime which will brutally crush any form of dissent. Citizens of  China, in short.

If the British public willingly embrace the Chinese social model, I am out of here before you can say “communist takeover.” Holywood, Google, Facebook and Apple -the four most powerful engines for opinion-forming on earth- are already controlled and directed by a Chinese regime which is -finally- exposing its ruthless imperial ambition. China wants sole control of every major operation in the world and is already further down that road than Alexander, Hitler or Stalin ever got.

The Chinese Dragon is spreading giant wings of technological brilliance, and spreading them wide enough to blot out the glimmer of any other possible future. Things the Chinese are buying into worldwide : International ports, international banks, weapons manufacturers, robotics and nuclear power.  To read how a Chinese bid is on the table for control over all UK nuclear power stations CLICK HERE.
China has, as noted earlier, already taken over the online tech-giants who are now on their knees in Bejing, handing over the towering mountains of information they stole about you, me, your children, your government and the armed forces and every damn thing that ever happened online.

China now holds the keys to every online door. The Chinese Way is poised to spread like a global virus. Your leaders – the greedy sleazeballs that you insist on electing- are being persuaded to re-model Britain on Chinese lines. And your leaders like the sound of that.

They like the idea of locking up people up who disagree with government. They like the idea of a cashless, total-control economy where you can be economically destroyed by the flick of a government switch (if you disagree with the government). And above all your leaders like the idea of a population which lives in perpetual fear of arrest, prison and death. People tend to shut up and do what they’re told faced with those kind of consequences.

Of course, the changes will began slowly, so that you do not get too upset. But gradually, bit by bit, your government will begin to replace your life with a different, more efficient, Chinese life.
Some of the ways in which it begins:

Banks close branches, sack employees, increase automation and remove ATMs. 
State employees and benefits claimants get “credit scores” which lead to rewards or punishment.
Government intrudes into every aspect of your life – you are not allowed to hold “secrets”.
Decisions are made from which you cannot easily dissent. (E.g. forced vaccination under threat of fines and / or imprisonment for refusal. See Australia for an example of this process.) 
Free speech is gradually squeezed and re-shaped into “acceptable speech” to silence dissent.
If this sounds alarmist to you, I suggest you look at what is happening right here, right now in the United Kingdom. When they talk about your  “social responsibility” – that’s China being stuck into your conscience. When teacher says that “children belong to society” – that’s China in your classroom. When they threaten you with jail for daring to criticise government policy out loud – that’s China’s gloved fist clamped over your mouth.

And slowly, one thought at a time, you begin to change yourself. Your ideas, desires and intentions get re-modelled. You start to do the State’s work yourself. You make the necessary changes yourself to spare them the effort of punishing you. You learn how to think in the “correct” way, because that way is Their way. And one morning you wake up knowing exactly what to do, every minute, all day long. Life is simple, it’s safe, and it looks strangely familiar.
Because it’s China in your head.

Ian Andrew-Patrick



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