Up to it’s neck in mass child rape – as usual – the tall hats of the Catholic Church circle the wagons yet again. The fake Pope waves his wrinkled forefinger in the face of a  collapsing congregation, quacks another lame speech stuffed with student-platitudes about inclusion, diversity and the glory of migration before scuttling back to his five-star hotel suite to read the reviews. 

Peeved at the air of public cynicism, as the public wakes to endless headlines of sodomy, torture and cover-up, the Vatican King reaches for his smartphone and tweets “We are not selling a product, we are communicating a lifestyle.” 

I’ll bet that sounded real dandy when some junior Archbishop ran it up the flagpole at the Vatican damage-limitation conference (online, need-to-know, your eyes only, private). Pedophilia -the won’t stop till you lock us up kind of Pedophilia- being such a tricky thing to push out of the headlines. But this is a Pope for All Reasons, as long as they are left-leaning and meet the UN agenda. As the holy man himself asked –     

Who am I to judge a gay person?   

Well, you’re the Pope, dude. You’re supposed to be reaffirming the views and wishes of God Almighty. If you reckon He changed His mind on this one, it’s time to spell that out in words of one syllable for the millions of bewildered Catholics who thought the Lord was pretty clear on the subject. Let’s put that question again, with  a couple of other “expert” opinions that Francis probably heard about back before he was a ‘made man’…  

Who am I to judge a gay person ? 

I don’t see anything very equivocal there. Not a lot of room for compromise. So tell us, Francis, were those Popes speaking for Christ, or are  you? And why are you right and they wrong? Christians are welcome to forward suggested answers on a postcard to the Dept. of Irreconcilable Ideas, Vatican City, Rome. Don’t bother including a stamped addressed envelope as not all queries will receive a reply.

How about this little doozy of a quote, where Francis the Humble hops off his private jet to play the equity card…
“Inequality is the root of social evil.”
This is the voice of the Social Justice Warrior, the Gender Studies lecturer, the voice of Antifa, for Christ’s sake! Pope Francis stands at the head of a tax-avoiding corporation worth tens of billions, and lives in a private city stuffed with priceless material goods, complete with it’s own extremely dodgy bank. And
inequality is the big enemy – yes, right. 

Which brings us back to what should be the last nail in the coffin of this fake, globalist Papacy. Here, on August 30th 2018, is the Quote of the Year. 

” We are not selling a product. We are communicating a lifestyle.”
Say what? Says who?  Such a classic advertising slogan must surely be the work of Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jimmy Dyson or Richard Branson…but no, in fact it’s chuckling Pope Francis, the smiling, tweeting face of New World Catholicism. He’s the snappy-talkin’ CEO of , no relation to the Apologist-in-Chief for the World Pedophile Headquarters located in the Vatican City where poor people, migrants, gays and transgenders are glorified in speech but not welcome in person. Remember, religion is a lifestyle choice, no faith necessary! Come and visit the Pope in his own backyard- ask him any question you like and get the answer God would give you! (Terms and conditions apply).  

NB. The Pope, we hear, has deleted the above tweet. But the Pope is infallible, so how can this or any other Papal tweet be less than perfect? (Suggested answers welcome at the above address).  

If there actually are any Catholics left who have faith in this execrable excuse for a Pontiff, it’s time they formed their own breakaway Church and left the  garden-variety Catholics alone with their consciences. The true believers – you know who you are-  might just be able to resurrect something from the mockery that Pope Francis has brought to Catholics in particular and Christianity in general.  

I was born a Catholic, and left with my own memories of the bony-fingered priests and monks who infest its hierarchy. Some part of me was always, still, a tiny bit Catholic – until now. That’s it, folks. The part of Christ that lingered was rooted in morality, and intellect, and spirituality, which seemed three good takeaways from what was otherwise a bad experience for me. But now it’s all over.
Those timeless virtues have gone out the window of opportunism to make way for climate-change propaganda, migrant propaganda, and now, as the lid blows off the ever-bubbling cauldron of high-priest kiddy-fiddling, corporate quack-speak has arrived to replace the Word. This Pope is a joke. Is the Pope Catholic? Don’t make me laugh.

Get thee behind me, Francis.     

Ian Andrew-Patrick

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