Please note – this article is in two parts. Part One: EVERYTHING IS A WEAPON is a short overview of geoengineering intended to introduce the subject for readers unfamiliar with the concept. I know many readers of this blog are quite familiar with topics like HAARP, chemtrail patents etc, and  may wish to skip to Part Two : THE AMAZING STORY OF BOB AND ASSAAD which is a previously unpublished story exclusive to 99endof, and deals with my research into two specific individuals who are engaged in engineering weather on behalf of Arab billionaires.



Nothing on earth is safe from weaponisation. In the wrong hands,
literally anything can be an instrument of destruction.

By the end of world war two they had already weaponised ink, money, birds, dolphins and atoms. Soon after that the ocean floor was webbed by trans-continental cables over which shoals of nuclear submarines swam at will.The  military / industrial boffins raised their eyes to the skies, and lo! – the stratosphere and ionosphere were corrupted to the point where the daily weather we experience is a long way from  natural. Wind, air currents, cloud, rain, hail, ice, fog, thunder and lightning can all be manufactured and delivered to specific places – quickly and without much difficulty. These are bald facts, not secretive rumours, but in that coy, slippery way beloved of spooks and crooks, the existing processes are both advertised and denied at exactly the same time.

The public ostrich tendency on this issue is quite something. They shouldn’t, they couldn’t, why would they do that? – chime the voices of people who only need observe the sky above their own heads to see the truth written in chemical capitals. Although there are several excellent books on the subject, the manipulation of weather remains one of those ‘I don’t want to hear about it’ topics. Much easier to roll your eyes and mutter about ‘conspiracy theorists’. Which is puzzling, as everyone I’ve ever known in my entire life is constantly complaining, rejoicing or at least commenting about the weather. It’s hardly a side-issue of no consequence, and the evidence that several weather-modification techniques are in current, regular use is beyond overwhelming, yet hardly anyone wants to confront the reality.

IONOSPHERIC LIGHTNING “We can control the ionosphere.” -USAF

The real conspiracy is one of silence, in which a majority of the public pretend not to notice what’s happening, and all the  ‘professionals’ like the shameless liars at the Met Office pump out streams of idiotic waffle to explain away blatantly unnatural phenomena. It’s not surprising that now they come across as out of touch ‘yes-men’ whose careers are spent cowering behind the office furniture. To appear in public would invite an onslaught of the ridicule and contempt they so richly deserve. The list of relevant information which is conspicuously not available on the Met Office website exposes the absurdity of their feeble assertions regarding the weather events we all experience.  In the place of simple, workable statistics and figures, we are bombarded with endless woolly references to the “science” of climate change impacting on weather. “Climate change” can, according to these “experts” make it cold, hot, wet, dry, flood, drought, you name it, it was climate change wot done it. As the genius Karl Popper stated – “any theory that can explain everything explains nothing.”

The phony ‘consensus’ surrounding climate change is the junk science equivalent of saying “stuff happens, but that’s called climate change and it’s your fault.” 

Of course, their total absorption by the Climate Hysteria  lobby requires the Met Office to assign maximum credibility to any theory that emanates from those who want to tax the rest of us for breathing. Unfortunately, this also means they have to affect a complete and total ignorance of programmes like HAARP  ( which we’ll examine shortly) and its commercial spin-offs which are being nakedly employed by everyone from online wedding designers …

…to the Chinese government officials who openly brag about producing snow, rain or clear skies for both economic  and political purposes.
 As for the unknowably large but inevitably gross weather interventions sponsored by the secret military arm of the CIA and its Russian / Chinese equivalents – well, you might think the Met Office boffins could run to at least a paragraph of bland but informed speculation, but they will not. Instead they scribble like obsessed  monks trapped in a hilltop monastery, insisting that absolutely no external influences on natural meteorology exist – with the sole exception of carbon dioxide output from mundane human activity ( “it’s your fault.” ) These ‘qualified scientists’ have apparently discovered only one element, but can’t wait to pin the chemtrail on the donkey.  

Which brings us to the ‘C’ word. A prolonged propaganda effort by the aforementioned scientific whores has contrived to reduce the aerial spraying issue -for a while – to a false ‘chemtrail’ versus ‘contrail’ dichotomy. The received idea being that crazy conspiracy theorists see jet-planes leaving  “chemtrails” of toxic spray, while sane, good citizens see only “condensation” trails, the harmless consequence of hot exhaust meeting cold, damp air.
We can, however, dispense with this pointless argument by observing that the physical makeup of even the standard modern jet fuel is a cocktail of heavily engineered stuff involving many chemicals. The act of injecting a heated mixture of this into cold sky certainly produces trails, but to try and pass them off as ‘mere condensation’ is an insult to our intelligence. Condensation is what comes out the spout of a kettle. Ever see anything like this in your kitchen?

“Condensation”. Try and do this with a kettle. Or two kettles.

We can (and will, in a future blogpost) have an intelligent conversation about the content of the trails we see in our skies, addressing issues like ”are they produced by accident or design ?” and “exactly how toxic are they? “

But two things need to be accepted. They are all to some extent, chemtrails, and they are all, to some degree, toxic.

We can, at least, put to rest the idiotic myth that “chemtrails are just a conspiracy theory”. Here is a patent lodged in the US Patent Office in 1991 –

The patent describes a method of reducing ‘global warming’ by “seeding the stratosphere with thorium dioxide and aluminium dioxide.” As even the corrupt Wikipedia admits, this theory evolved into “atmospheric engineering” using “aerosols” at higher altitudes. We all know what an aerosol is. So the principle of spraying metallic particles into the atmosphere was in place over 25 years ago, when the first ‘global warming’ hoax was in full swing. Indeed, both the principle of chemtrailing, and a purpose (or excuse) can be seen right here. Naturally, every source from Wikipedia to NASA parrot that ” to date this technique has never been used”. Which means, presumably, that when I photograph a spectacle like this in mid-Wales…


…it’s just a completely accidental and natural by-product of commercial air traffic.

Which is a bit like inventing the Colt 45, taking out a patent for it, and then, when people turn up dead with 45- size bullet-holes in their shirt, you say “…the Colt 45 was never actually manufactured – these so-called ‘bullet-holes’ are simply the result of wear and tear from regular washing.”

Basic military and industrial patents for manufacturing artificial cloud and/or triggering rainfall are so numerous I’d need a book to list them all. You only have to dig a little deeper to find the fog, hail, thunder and lightning experiments, and eventually you uncover the right-in-your-face ionospheric weather manipulation project called HAARP. (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Programme).


Someone said to me a year ago that HAARP was “just a conspiracy theory” which sums up the wilful ignorance of people who use that term to pull a duvet of disbelief over their heads at the slightest hint of a new idea. Not only was HAARP a well-documented research project lasting over twenty years, one of the lead military scientists testified live on video to a US congressional committee that its stated purpose was to “essentially, control the ionosphere”. You can watch his interview by clicking here. Without going into too much boring detail, if you can control that area of space, you can most certainly create controlled weather events. Whether the US Air Force or anyone else should actually be allowed to interfere at will in weather patterns which inevitably impact on weather systems of millions of people in other countries is another issue entirely. A number of high-ranking scientists were sufficiently troubled to set alarm bells ringing in that well-known house of conspiracy theory, the European Parliament. Such was the furore when the scale and potential of the HAARP programme leaked out, the EU officially demanded in writing that all such experimentation cease at once until the EU had a chance to interview and interrogate representatives from the American military. (Both demands were completely ignored).



The origins and purposes of HAARP are a whole study in themselves, but there are certain details of this tale that you don’t need a physics degree to understand. Picture (1) shows a small section of the notorious HAARP facility at Alaska. The indoor technology is complicated but the open-air hardware is quite simple. A large series of metal poles are each topped with a pyramid of wire, as can be seen in close-up in picture (2). Put simply, energy is generated through these pyramids-on-poles and fired into the sky -“to control the ionosphere”. Bear this in mind when we come to part two – the Amazing Story of Bob and Assaad.
Now this “experimental research” was -if you believe the US Air Force – shut down in 2014. End of story, nothing to see here, move on. This “shut down” story is, however, a little hard to swallow. The HAARP project began in 1993 and enabled the USAF to control an area of the atmosphere that dictates the magnetic field of the entire planet earth.  So we are expected to believe that in 2014 they said “well that was interesting…” and packed up their poles and pyramids and went back to stunt flying? Yes, right.

In fact, the technology was almost certainly co-opted by military / industrial interests, superseded by new, more efficient hardware, and placed exactly where you would expect it to go – in the earth’s upper atmosphere on satellites. Think about it – given a limitless CIA-scale budget, would you rather have your atmosphere-altering equipment (a) on the ground or (b) in the atmosphere?

For some peculiar reason, despite having the lead military scientist testifying in public on the record to both the existence and the purpose of HAARP, whenever I tell people the weather is being manipulated in this way, I am usually mocked as a tin-foil hat-wearing nutjob. But wait, dear reader, how about this


Here is a true story that has-to my knowledge- never been told in public before. It is a story of how outdated military weather technology (paid for by the public) was, and is, being exploited for very big bucks indeed. In 2007 a businessman named Robert (“Bob”) Driscoll chummed up with a Lebanese millionaire bankster named Assaad Razzouk and they became -somewhat improbably-  weather-engineers. This was a startling move for Bob in particular, as he had just spent 30 years as a professional deal-maker in Latin American political circles – not much ionospheric research there you’d think. However, a closer look at Bob’s CV strongly suggests he is actually more  CIA than CEO, which makes sense of his otherwise inexplicably meteoric career, and supplies a credible explanation of how he ended up flogging HAARP – style hardware.

( For a bit more biographical detail on Assaad and Bob CLICK HERE)

In 2007, hot to trot in the brave new world of geoengineering, Bob and Assaad blagged themselves a couple of million from a nephew of Rupert Murdoch named Matt Handbury, and with a little help from Matt’s government connections, created the Australian Rain Corporation – the ARC. Here, for your pleasure, is a photo from an ARC advertising video which depicted the proposed technology. Eagle-eyed readers will observe that it shows a series of metal poles with wire pyramids on top, not unlike the HAARP hardware pictured above.

Australian Rain Corporation’s pyramids on poles

In 2009, Matt Handbury bought the company outright (perhaps uncle Rupert lent him a few bob) but shortly afterwards the Australian government pulled out amid corruption claims after some angry customers reported that ARC’s rain-maker didn’t actually work.  Handbury re-named the company ART (Australian Rain Technologies) and you can visit their slightly curious website by clicking here, where you will be amused to see on their front page a message insisting that they cannot make it rain on “non-rainy days”.

Quite why one of the richest families on the planet would still -after twelve years- be running a rain-making company that states up-front it cannot make rain is not explained. Maybe Bob Driscoll and his Lebanese money-man kept a bit of important info back for themselves, who knows? Also curious is that ART has no address – anything you mail to ART goes to a post-office box in Sydney.

Meanwhile, having left Matt and his troubles behind, Bob and Assaad were laughing all the way to the bank, as they had taken the precaution of patenting their product and registering it to their very own company called Meteo Systems, which they had set up in the financial swamp of Switzerland, like all decent, honest businessmen do. Here, for your entertainment, is a photo from Meteo’s amazingly small website (click here to visit it) depicting their technology in action in the desert…

Meteo System’s pyramids on poles

Take a close look – yes, that’s right, it’s a series of metal poles with wire pyramids on top. In fact, before ARC ever saw the light of day, Bob and Assaad had already got their system up and running in the not entirely democratic paradise of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Meteo Systems bragged on their website that secret trials of their weather-maker had begun in 2006 in the UAE desert. It may have been coincidental that in 2009 – (a few weeks after Meteo sold their dodgy Australian operation)  the UAE coastal region of Ras Al Khaimah was blanketed under 10 inches of snow, prompting one inhabitant to remark that the local dialect did not even have a word for “snow”.


One UAE paper claimed this was only the second snowfall in national recorded history. In any case, within twelve months of this astonishing weather anomaly, Meteo had publicly assembled their weather-making gear just down the road in Abu Dhabi, which caught the eye of reporters from the Daily Mail, who printed a remarkably specific explanation of the process. You can read the original article by clicking here. Curiously, no photographs accompanied the article, which relied instead on the illustration below. I have no idea why the Mail’s resident artist chose to draw what looks like metal palm trees when everybody in the business knew perfectly well that Meteo Systems were building pyramids on poles .

And here is where the story really gets interesting. In that article – published on January 3rd 2011- the Daily Mail was notably blunt regarding the efficiency of the Meteo systems product –

Fifty rainstorms were created last year in the state’s eastern Al Ain region using technology designed to control the weather.
Most of the storms were at the height of the summer in July and August when there is  no rain at all.
People living in Abu Dhabi were baffled by the rainfall which sometimes turned into hail and included gales and lightning.

Pretty impressive stuff. I can find no evidence of any stories contradicting this account, and there are ample reasons to believe that the technology concerned works very well indeed. Strange, then, that the Meteo Systems website – like its ART equivalent- takes pains to state they cannot actually create rain, insisting instead that they can merely enhance the likelihood. Perhaps that’s just their way of avoiding complaints if the gear misfires – who knows?  So let’s stay focussed on Meteo’s biggest customer to date – the oil-rich United Arab Emirates. As we’ve just seen, in 2011 the country enjoyed fifty man-made rainstorms, courtesy of Bob and Assaad.


They were hired to do this by Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan (President of the UAE). It is not difficult to see why desert-dwelling Arab billionaires might be interested in water-supplying technology. So the Sheikh was perhaps more pleased than surprised when 22 months later, in November 2013, a freak rainstorm hit Abu Dhabi so hard that city streets were flooded. The English-language UAE newspaper The National reported the following –
“Under the directions of Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed (National Security Advisor) the country is fully prepared on every level” and “Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed (Minister of Interior) ordered preparations to be made for rain to continue until tomorrow”. You get the feeling the Bin Zayed family have things well under control in that neck of the woods. (Click here to read the full article).
Four months later, in March 2014, a rain and sandstorm in the city of Dubai became so severe that the Burj Khalifa skyscraper – the world’s tallest building – temporarily vanished from view.

On January 19th 2015, yet another “once in a lifetime” event saw Abu Dhabi and vast areas of surrounding desert transformed into a Christmas-card landscape beneath a thick coating of hail. Rumours that snow also fell were strongly denied – indeed, the denials were forceful enough to be suspicious in themselves .
 “Due to the intensity of the hail storm that struck parts of Abu Dhabi and continues to do so, it appears that it may have snowed. But what you see is intense hail,” an anonymous spokesman for the NCMS said. (You can read the full article by clicking here.)    

Another anonymous spokesman for the NCMS (National Society for Meteorology and Seismology) said ” Images flooding social media websites claiming that snow has struck the UAE were incorrect”  and warned people to stay away from “flowing water during a lightning storm” as flooding began in parts of the country.


Floods, lightning and a blanket of hail in the desert – not exactly par for the course in north-east Africa. An innocent researcher like myself might think the NCMS would be on speaking terms with Meteo Systems, considering they had been working on weather modification just up the road for the last 16 years. The NCMS would -logically- have rung Meteo up for a chat or a statement. But alas, NCMS officials made no reference whatsoever to their shadowy colleagues in the UAE weather industry, which was more than a little odd given what was going on.


However, following the catastrophic storm that hit a year later in March 2016 – see the above video –  the long-suffering citizens of the UAE public were no longer satisfied with official explanations from anonymous weather “experts”, as an article in the Independent – read it here -explained :

” Damaging the country’s reputation online is punishable by imprisonment and a fine of up to 1m Emirati Dirhams (£189,500)”, the International Business Times reported.

It is illegal to post pictures of storms online”, authorities in the United Arab Emirates have warned.
“Posting negative images or rumours about the recent flooding could be punished under the country’s cybercrime laws“, the interior ministry said.

That, of course, would be the interior ministry run by our royal friend Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed.

What a remarkable transformation the UAE had undergone since Meteo systems arrived! Snow, hail, floods and lightning were now regular desert occurrences and the family who hired Bob and Assaad to manipulate the weather were threatening the public with jail for speculating that somebody was manipulating the weather.

The (literally) unbelievable UAE storms kept coming, however, and on February 4th 2017 things went so crazy the Daily Express reported this –  

THE Middle East has experienced a bizarre mix of snow blizzards, lightning strikes and deadly fires in just the last 24 hours – with more devastation expected to come…


Perhaps emboldened by the international attention they were getting, the citizens of Ras Al Khaimah cheerfully uploaded their snowman pictures to Instagram and Twitter. The Bin Zayed family seem to have softened on the idea of jailing people for outdoor photography, so the arrival of the famous “Purple Storm” on August 16th prompted another wave of startling images on social media.


It is certainly possible that the transformation of the arid, dusty UAE into the headquarters of the World’s Wildest Weather is not in any way connected to the activities of Robert (Bob) Driscoll and the international banking superstar Assaad Razzouk. Maybe Meteo Systems can’t make it rain / snow / hail in the desert – although you wouldn’t be surprised if they know someone who can.

Perhaps they just stumbled into the geoengineering racket by accident – maybe Bob met some bloke at an Oxfam conference in Venezuela back in the 90’s who gave him a hot tip about cooking the ionosphere, something ordinary like that. Happens every day, doesn’t it? Perhaps Bob and Assaad’s latest creative venture, Sindicatum  (which now owns Meteo Systems) really is dedicated to ‘renewable energy’ . Visit their website here and see for yourself.  Their mission statement is chock  full of virtuous intent –

– and if it happens to read like a United Nations / globalist wish-list, well that could be just another of those happy coincidences that have decorated Bob Driscoll’s  fascinating and unlikely career.

But to be honest, I’m not a coincidence theorist. I prefer to connect facts – facts like Bob’s first ever job being  Vice-President on in the COA (Council Of the Americas) – an organisation which, as everyone but your mum knows, is the CIA wearing a party hat. Or facts like the trail of metal poles with wire pyramids on top that led us from Alaska to Abu Dhabi via Sydney.

It’s 2018 now and the weather in the UAE just keeps on coming. The heaviest rainfall ever recorded in UAE history occurred just this week, on August 15th, at Al Ain, (the original testing site where Meteo Systems briefly stepped into the public eye). You can watch a video of that historic torrential  downpour by clicking here 

Inevitably, every single one of the weather events listed above has been blamed on climate change, but I will save discussion of that particular hoax for another day. The UAE cannot hide from its own geoengineering adventures, and the simultaneous arrival of its endless ‘freak’ weather events. 

The weather has been weaponised for so long now it is virtually impossible to know what, if any, meteorological phenomenon is natural. But surely it’s time we dragged this subject out of its dumb “conspiracy” strait-jacket and into the light. It’s right there above your head after all. Just look.

Ian Andrew-Patrick  


For further information about Robert (Bob) Driscoll and Assaad Razzouk, CLICK HERE.This article was the product of nearly two years of conscientious research and is -I sincerely believe- as accurate as that implies. Please comment, like and by all means share and reproduce the information concerned. 99endof is a completely unfunded, non-commercial blog. Only the words matter.      



  1. Thank you for the excellent investigative reporting.


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