The nuclear-powered engine of globalism goes clattering over the horizon towards its final destination – that (old) New World Order. But in its path, parked square across the track, lies a solid object wrapped in a three-coloured flag. It’s called the United Kingdom – and it’s an obstacle that can knock a runaway train right off the rails.

The scientific cliche that you can’t enter an environment without altering it, is perfectly demonstrated by the organised mass-migration of Africans into Europe. Paris, London, Sweden, Holland, Germany, Italy and Greece have all suffered violent changes, and are no longer identifiable as centres of European civilisation.
This is not a small thing, a mere blip in the evolution of culture. This quiet invasion has the potential to destroy the very existence of the independent nation state, and  has been deliberately engineered for just that purpose by a power-hungry elite which wastes no time on the tedious business of democracy. They have not yet -not quite – succeeded, largely because Britain is an island, in more ways than one. Our refusal to ditch the pound for the Euro, as much as the water that surrounds us, created a barrier to our total absorption into EU.  The huge scale of the ongoing illegal immigration into Britain remains a scandal of treasonous proportions, given that our only geographical connection to Europe is the Channel Tunnel – which is, appropriately enough, an invisible underwater shaft that the mainland stuck into us at Dover. Given our geographic and financial advantages, it should be child’s play to resist mass illegal immigration, and this alone tells us that powerful forces within Britain itself have been actively cooperating with the international cartels behind the migration scam.   


Britain stood, in June 2016, on the brink of its own destruction. The public were offered -forty years late- the choice between survival as a nation state or complete assimilation into a European Union they had never chosen to join. That we chose survival surprised only those arrogant power-brokers who had convinced themselves the UK public were just passengers on their ride to glory, too dumb to notice where the train was heading.
It is a measure of the ongoing arrogance of our self-appointed ‘masters’ that two years later, not one of the forty thousand legal chains that bind us to the EU has been broken. Not only is Britain still tangled in the European bureaucratic web, the politicians charged with arranging our departure have now revealed themselves to be globalist stooges, working feverishly to overturn the explicit command given by the public they pretend to represent. Never in British history has the political class united so brazenly in defiance of their paymasters, but then, never has there been so much at stake.


Previous attempts at world domination all crashed on the rocks of superior armed forces, but in previous centuries, war was simply the logical extension of international business. Today, every major battlefield is electronic, and the digital grapplings of international business have become indistinguishable from the wars they require to sustain their market share.
Accepting that business is war, and war is only a business, we see at once why the globalist plot to control the entire planet hinges on the destruction of of Britain and all things British. Like it or not, the awesome trading networks left floating in the wake of the British Empire supplied the economic  fuel that drove all of the world’s best attempts at democracy. The Constitution of the United States itself was crafted by men who had studied the cultural and political logic employed in the creation of Britain’s national parliament. And, more importantly, it was written in English. This is the dog-eared truth of the ‘Special Relationship’ which Presidents and Prime Ministers are always muttering about. We speak the same language. As do the not insignificant populations of Australia and New Zealand.


The literacy level of any given country -peoples’ ability to read and converse in their common language- has a well-documented effect on their enthusiasm for ‘national identity’. A shared skill in a common language bonds people together. This is just one reason why education matters – and why the literacy of western populations is being deliberately dismantled at terrifying speed. Government hates smart people who can argue. Think of all the kids you know who communicate almost entirely in shorthand – OMG, LOL, FFS etc -and -if you can bear to- eavesdrop on the limp, stunted exchanges that now pass for ‘conversation’ in public life.

Now take a step back and ask yourself what happens when you import a million African people with only a tiny vocabulary in their own language, give them homes, benefits and every conceivable incentive to start families. What happens is that nobody bothers to integrate, immigrants band together and form closed, rapidly-growing communities where they speak only their own ( foreign ) languages. 
The knock-on effects are threefold – fragmented, slum communities with nothing in common, a major drop in literacy levels (school lessons are dumbed down to accommodate those struggling with basic English) and the globalist Holy Grail -a rapid erosion of national identity. (Cue loud cheering from the Liberal Borg Hive).
They want Britain broken and the fix is in. Just take a look around you – Union Jacks must not be carried in public – England flags verboten at football matches – “all white people are racist” (that gem courtesy of the BBC) all Brexit voters are racist (the Guardian, the BBC,every day, every week).


 A crumbling national identity is the essential first step to collapsing the nation itself. Are you getting the picture? They start by taking away your voice, then your flags, symbols and images. At the very same time they import a replacement population with zero loyalty to or interest in ‘British identity’. If Britain’s identity can be destroyed, then the incomparable English language itself will shrink like a withered rose, until the language that led the civilised world is drowned by a deafening babble of primitive, alien brogues.
For a glimpse into your diverse and inclusive future, I offer you the opening verse of Robbery –  a smash hit from the world of  ‘Drill music’, performed by the popular UK artist Abra Cadabra. Try reading it aloud.

Man don’t talk, man rob
Run up in the trap like boss weh di money deh food affi nyam
Yuh, tek weh yuh arm pon deh ‘chete before it get chop
Bumbaclart ya a eediat, ya a eediat, don’t bother try run, yuh
Look, man don’t talk, man rob

Make no mistake, the language is going. The wit and depth of a wise and articulate people is being  replaced by monosyllabic chanting, in music, literature and in the mindless ‘activism’ of an entire student generation. A culture that took centuries to create is under death threat. The British cultural heritage that had no equal is being, quite deliberately, erased.
We are trembling on the brink of the complete annihilation of Britishness – and a horde of idle,   brainwashed millennials will be cheering as it dies, because they have been taught to despise everything good and great about their own homeland. Force-fed a diet of cultural Marxism from the age of five,they never stood a chance. These are kids who want for nothing, yet complain about everything. Privileged, preening youths who live gilded lives of casual luxury – luxury unimaginable to their grandparents, who fought like lions for the crumbs of  freedom their descendants are so eager to sweep from the table. Bring on the One World Government, cry the mindless young – they just can’t get enough government, because it’s the magic bank of endless imaginary money. Bring in the entire world, open the borders, no to borders, yes to anyone at all, whoopee, who who’s up for another round of Jaegerbombs! There are no limits to our generosity screams an idiot army of entitled, sneering brats, permanently drunk on the fruits of other people’s efforts.


There’s no point in just keeping your head down and hoping the globalists will go away. They never will. Theirs is the  energy of the madman, and their aim is the standard madman’s dream – total control of everything.
Globalism is the relentless corporate drive to take power over every human life on the planet earth. Total domination of the entire world- a step beyond even the wildest  fantasies of Charlemagne, Genghis Khan, Alexander and Hitler.
The billionaire gangsters driving this engine bombard us night and day with propaganda, through the mass of media they already control. It’s a Terminator tactic – they never stop –  a 24/7 barrage to break down our defences, shatter resistance and drown our voices beneath the deafening volume of their lies. Again and again we hear that other peoples’ culture is what we must value above all else. We are not invited to inspect but commanded to respect the so-called culture of every tribe and every race.  To respect and revere anyone’s ‘culture’ -however primitive- as a precious, glittering jewel. With one glaring exception – our own. And we are to turn blind eyes to the ‘cultural baggage’ of terrorism, barbarism, bigotry, misogyny and race hatred that so many of the eager, onrushing ‘migrants’ brandish in our faces. They have their own culture you see.
Then we are told the biggest whopper of all : Europe has an ageing population – we need new, young, blood, for industry, for growth and progress!
Translation – “These pesky old people have minds of their own- they keep voting for the wrong things – lets import some new voters who’ll be bloody grateful and happy to take whatever we dish out.”
They warp our children’s minds , claiming  British culture – the incomparable engine of progress that dragged a third of the world out of savagery –  is actually a stain on the face of the earth, an ugly smear to be erased from history.  And taking their cue from the puppet-masters who secretly despise them, the graduates of self-hate chant their moronic manifesto, spitting bile in the face of reality :

All white people are racist.
Only white people can be racist.
All men are rapists.
All women are victims.
Masculinity is toxic
Biological gender does not exist.
Immigration must be unlimited.  
All cultures are equal.
The earth is on fire.

This is the magic spell that pits everyone against everyone else, the Hail Mary of identity politics, the prayer for eternal conflict that can only be resolved by mutual, total destruction. If that  progressive prayer is answered, only then, once they have toppled the temple that was British culture, can the gates be flung open to the Soros-funded tsunami of supine, docile replaceme-grants queuing up even as I write these words. Because ours was a culture of logic, reason, debate, compromise and qualification. Ours was a culture of aspiration tempered by civility, of ethics and moralities enshrined in law, and of courage driven by pride in all the above.


If Britain falls, every one of those enviable qualities will be lost. The European future – already a darkening shadow of it’s shining past – will be in globalist hands. Britain – the last and only EU participant never trapped into the euro – will be no more than an island-for-rent, her history unwanted and unread, her population uninterested. And when Europe goes to the globalists, America will face an impossible trading trifecta of China, Europe and Africa, united in the dash for one world governance. For tens of millions around the world, Britain remains (just) the  mother country. If she goes, the free West goes with her. For all the English – speaking peoples, it is a war for survival now. War, as we learned from the Godfather, is only business, but we cannot hope to settle this particular business armed with sticks and stones. Precisely which tools will be needed remains to be seen.

Ian Andrew-Patrick

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