You wouldn’t place your child’s body in the path of a speeding car. You wouldn’t send your kid out to lunch with a pill-popping drug dealer. So why would you place your child’s mind
in the hands of a cult which seeks to control every thought in our heads?

Welcome to State Education, British-style, in the twenty-first century. Expect to meet young adults  with zero thinking skills origin, zero original ideas, but 100 percent programmed to quack like a robot. Expect to be told by the fruit of your very own loins that the bravest creature alive is a black transgender Muslim socialist refugee and if you don’t agree that’s because YOU ARE A SEXIST, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, ISLAMOPHOBIC, FAR-RIGHT, FASCIST!

Children, we know, are notoriously easy to tempt and persuade. All sane parents, therefore, work hard to protect their kids from predators like drug-dealers and pedophiles. Most parents understand that certain twisted humans work hard at exploiting young, vulnerable minds. Responsible parents take great care over choosing those people to whom their children are exposed. Anyone likely to spend long periods of time with a child should, clearly, be held to a high standard of integrity. You probably wouldn’t leave your six-year-old in the care of a stranger you met begging at an ATM (unless perhaps it was you doing the begging). Good parents do not want their kids exposed to “bad” influences, who will tempt them with dangerous ideas and persuade them to participate in god knows what.

Astonishingly, then, most parents in Britain are quite happy to outsource the shaping of their children’s minds to groups of strangers -increasingly young strangers- for over 12,000 hours!  And this marathon mindwarp takes place during those exact years when children are most vulnerable to temptation and persuasion. Unfortunately, most parents make this colossal investment of trust -in strangers- without any clear idea of what temptations and persuasions will be used upon their children, or the consequences that might follow.

Children are time-consuming and expensive, responsible parents are hard-working and busy, and the result is increased pressure on how families spend their time. Pressure upon time can lead any busy person to make  positive assumptions, because assuming something will be okay takes less time than making a real assessment. This, of course, is a tendency the “authorities” are all too happy to exploit.
For example, it’s not unusual for parents to put a large amount of thought and discussion into choosing a school for junior to attend. However, very little time tends to be spent upon discussion of what exactly the “authorities” might get up to once junior has been delivered into their hands.
Instead, parents tend to make several tempting  assumptions which are demonstrably untrue.

Mistake #1                 The government wants children to become educated.

This – the most basic and common assumption – is a total misunderstanding of how the government really views the purpose of  the “education system”. Parents want -and expect- their child to learn basic skills with numbers and language, to hopefully acquire enthusiasm for specialist subjects, knowledge, qualifications and better life opportunities.
But this is not at all what the government sees as ‘education’. Although far from unique, the British “education system” is a classic example of how schools, colleges and universities have been hijacked for purposes of social engineering. Britain has a ‘teaching’ system geared first and last towards the UK government’s vision of a docile, controlled and controllable society. For the Department of Education, a school is simply a training camp, and its worth will be measured in terms of how much control is successfully exerted over the inmates. If educating children was the real purpose of state schools, IQ levels would not be collapsing, which they most certainly are. Any number of reasons for this phenomenon have been advanced, bar the one, most obvious explanation – the schools are deliberately dumbing children down. ‘Government incompetence’ is usually blamed for the blatant decrease in academic achievement, but this is a hollow claim. If intelligent, well-educated adults were being churned out in the 1950’s and sixties, the successful techniques were already in place. Contrast these two-
(A) the simplistic world of an ‘old-fashioned’ classroom complete with pencils, a blackboard, and a group of attentive children learning the art of concentration.   
(B) the modern classroom, ablaze with electronic screens, powerpoint presentations, videos, and a group of unfocussed children fiddling with concealed smartphones.

The distractions of modernity are there for a reason, and there they will remain.

Mistake #2                 Your children’s ‘education’ will resemble your own. 

You could not be more wrong. A vast programme of Communist China style (all-change, everything-must-go)  public indoctrination is up and running in Britain. ‘Education’ is now a race for control over children’s minds – a race  between the runaway state and the overloaded public, with the state’s  brainwashing updates galloping way ahead of parents’ capacity to keep up. If -god forbid- you have a busy month at work and  forget to scrutinise your kids’ “curriculum”, you will soon discover -to your shock- that a whole catalogue of ridiculous lies and propaganda has been squeezed into their young minds while you blinked and took your eye off the ball. Within the lunatic asylum of state education, adult employees are now being pressured to cooperate with an insane ‘new reality’ that claims, for example, that  ‘all children are born as genderless beings’. Refusal to comply will amputate your career prospects as a teacher and / or get you sacked. In the bizarro world of modern British education, cooperation -the employee’s natural inclination- means agreeing to shove offensive Marxist lies into the heads of children who are no position to argue. Schools, colleges and universities are now, without exception, riddled with political activists for whom ‘education’ is an irrelevance. Indoctrination is the point, and this is reflected in an undergraduate monoculture which endlessly proclaims the value of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusivity’ but excludes anyone found politically to the right of Chairman Mao.



Mistake #3            Teachers know what’s best for the children.  

Like many things from your childhood, teachers have changed beyond recognition. When you were a schoolkid, teachers had a degree of freedom to improvise within the curriculum, because they had been trained to help children develop their own ideas. This ancient, practical method of teacher-training was such a simple and successful process, it had produced three generations of bright, intelligent British people who felt ready and equipped to challenge any obstacle to their own improvement. So this method was -of course – axed by the forces of government. Most ‘teachers’ in charge of your children today are merely self-replicating products of the system itself. The very last thing government wants is a population of intelligent free-thinkers who have learned how to judge for themselves what is true and what is false. They want your children to have a near-religious faith in the vital importance of the government above all else. Indeed, they want children to believe the system is more important than their parents. Because children who have been detached from their parents have no choice but to turn to the government for help. In this way, the state can undermine the strength of the family unit – the one major obstacle to the state’s desire for total social control.
Here is the explanation for the all-out attack on heterosexuality and the obsessive promotion of gay/lesbian/transgender “lifestyle choices”. Here is the reason for the ‘feminist’ glorification of single-parents in full-time work (“having it all”), who outsource the business of motherhood to the daycare system. Posing as “inclusive” and “progressive”ideas, these are nothing more than social engineering techniques.  Cramming these ‘new realities’ into the minds of young children serves two purposes. Firstly, to deliver a population of relatively ignorant, gullible people who will blindly accept whatever the State tells them. (If you grow up believing biological sex does not exist, you will believe anything). Second, to ensure that young adults reject their parents as sources of authority and  wisdom, in favor of an ever-expanding “progressive” agenda supplied by the State. These state-controlled adults will never realise they were actually rejecting the independence of thought and the discipline of self-reliance that flourishes within a strong, nuclear family. They will have traded their precious individuality for the false security of groupthink.     

The state school is purpose-built to guide children through those difficult first steps on the road to CorrectThink, using the toolkit of CorrectSpeak and RightWork.
In the modern state school there is no room for dissent or debate.
There is a Correct opinion for every issue-the opinion that Must Be Held, a Correct answer to every query –the answer that Must Be Given,
and Correct solutions to questions that have stumped the greatest intellects in human history
– the solutions that Must Be Supported.

For if junior has not learned the Correct opinions, does not give the Correct answers, and does not support the Correct solutions, junior will be guilty of WrongThink. And the government would prefer WrongThinkers to forget about ‘education’ and stay home with Jeremy Kyle and a Prozac sandwich.
If you genuinely want your children to be well-educated, do not even consider placing them into a British state school. Although private schools are for most, impossibly expensive, they are scarcely a better option anyway, as only a few remain immune to the infiltration of the progressive Borg.
The hard truth is that until and unless the hands of the social engineers are prised away from the machinery of education, Home Schooling is the only sane option for a responsible parent on a limited budget.
Making this choice could be the most difficult decision of a lifetime – there will be unavoidable impacts on your career prospects, your income, your ‘free time’ and that’s just for starters. You will very likely encounter suspicion and hostility from friends, relatives and neighbours. More significantly, you are guaranteed to find yourself fighting a non-stop war with the State, simply in order to oversee the education of your own offspring – and that, alone, should tell you why Home Schooling is the way to go.
When you take the irrevocable first step to remove the grip of the State from the mind of your child – by formally announcing that junior will not be going to school – only then will you discover the lengths to which government will go to keep you and your family on the tight leash of control.
But who would not fight a war for the minds of their children? Their open minds will -unavoidably, one way or another- be formed and informed by exposure to ideas. Will you choose how and when those ideas are presented? Or will you will merely shrug, say “they know best, I suppose”, and place your children in the hands of people like the ones below?


Ian Andrew-Patrick


  1. Anonymous

    I agree with you – home schooling is the way forward but to get there traditional family values will have to return. One parent should work the other school. An extended family that live together or in close proximity would even be better – then grand parents can impart their knowledge too. Hopefully you will live within a community that has similar values as you and then you can help each other school – your neighbour may be good at math and you english. And of course this is how schools started in the beginning- to teach communities – some times we deed to devolve to evolve…Christina


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