Trump derangement syndrome has spread like the Mad Cow disease whose symptoms it so accurately mimics. Britain’s best and brightest have turned out in their
thousands to  stand united in heroic, frothing solidarity. Because now, thanks to the narcissist miracle of social media, you can pin a slogan to a selfie so your Facebook friends can behold your deep understanding of international politics. It’s refreshing to see so many young people in particular showing the world that they absolutely will not stand idly by and allow a monster to parade unopposed on the streets of Britain.


After all, who else but a far-right extremist would say nothing at all when the sweet air of UK plc is poisoned by the presence of a man who thinks it’s perfectly legal to beat your wife or rape her? Who would not protest a man who runs a despotic regime where migrant workers endure forced labour of up to 21 hours a day? What kind of knuckle-dragger would keep his mouth shut when British Royalty is playing host to a tyrant whose domestic opponents are routinely arrested and “disappeared”? What kind of morally bankrupt moron would ignore such a catalogue of horror?

Well, every single one of the mumbling virtue-signallers who turned out at the Trump protests, for starters. Because I can guarantee you not a single one of these posturing grief tourists managed to drag themselves to Ascot in June or Newmarket in July, when Sheikh Mohammed, Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates was right there in person, in public, cheerfully mopping up a few hundred thousand quid with his billion-dollar army of racehorses. Consider, dear reader, that all of the human rights abuses listed above are par for the course in the UAE – led by Sheikh Mohammed, but outlawed in the USA,  led by President Trump.

Sheikh Mohammed and a few close Friends

 Oh courageous Brit-protestors, purple-cheeked beneath your crimson pussy hats, boldly waggling your Soros-funded placards of righteous ire! Where TF were you for the last 12 years while the Happy Happy Sheikh made dozens of annual jaunts to the racetracks of England? Or is legal misogyny, licensed slavery and Stalinesque political torture not PC flavour of the month at your local Starbucks forum for social change? I could list several equally repulsive contenders for UK tourist tyrant of the Year, of course, but you wouldn’t get off your backside for them either, would you, citizen Smith?     


But who can fathom the schizophrenic motivations driving a Social Justice Wally? Everybody knows the “anti-Trump” mob is actually just the clueless anti-Brexit mob looking for a day out. These are the kind of self-loathing leftist goons who would grill a Union Jack on your barbecue to protest that the sausages weren’t soy. The youngsters are the worst – you can’t reason with the joyless juniors – their espresso-addled brains ablaze with off-the-peg objections to anything that hasn’t been pre-approved in a Guardian commentary written by a non-binary mulatto.


Oh, but they hoisted a Trump baby blimp. So brave – and staggeringly witty (?) Indeed, this particular waste of money was quite revealing with regard to the mindset of the new Left agenda. Babies are very much the future of politics – and I don’t just mean the 5.5 per family spawned by the average immigrant couple. It’s already blatantly obvious the New Labour plan for a Better Britain is to completely brainwash all UK children by the age of ten, prior to lowering the voting age to sixteen. Six years of (classroom-led) social activism will thus be the perfect preparation for the expected Socialist landslide victory in the Euro-election of 2025, spearheaded by newly-fledged platoons of first-time zombie voters. This will be followed by a pan -European referendum on the one vital issue of our time –
“The President of All Europe should have (A) Total Power For 20 Years or (B) Total Power for Life “
– the only kind of question a European Commissioner ever wants to see on a ballot paper.

Isn’t the Trump protester’s mindset remarkable? The President of America runs a country where every new law must go through an excruciating process of scrutiny by two separate governing bodies, whose membership is elected by popular vote. [ PROTEST TRUMP THE MONSTER ]…while the European Union imposes laws by Diktat which are manufactured by people who appoint themselves in secret.  [ STOP BREXIT NOW, WE LOVE THE EU ]

Schadenfraude looms like a Karmic iceberg above the oceans that divide us. Long after the (OMG how clever are we) nylon baby blimp lies folded and forgotten in some garden shed in Hampstead, Trump will still be soaring high above the clouds in Air Force One, en route to shattering the delusions of some other crew of globalist toadies, with his utter disdain for etiquette and his peculiar enthusiasm for common sense.  And wherever he goes, people with minds unchained by propaganda roar in approval at his articulation of their unspeakable opinions -man-made climate change is hogwash, the Transatlantic Trade Partnership is a crock of crooks, NATO is a busted flush, and Globalism is insanity.

Even if you don’t agree with all things Trump – (and I do not, why should anyone?) – the magnetic pull of his unvarnished singularity has yanked the smirking, patronising mask from the face of Western political corruption. One by one the bankerboys’ creations have lined up before him – Trudeau the clown, Macron the puppet, the harpy Frau Merkel, Theresa May(be) and more. They never knew what hit them. Flaunting his complete indifference to the lies they peddle to their own voters, Trump just talked turkey, unpacked his simple version of the pertinent truth, and one by one their gas-balloon effigies were popped. Wherever he goes the carefully-staged pictures are ruined by  the same, artfully frowning dodger. Their faces clench in desperate smiles as he stabs them with the bloody obvious; they wince, sag and deflate before our eyes, shrinking to pygmies in the shadow of the only politician in the room.
Be careful what you wish for, brave protester. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

Ian Andrew Patrick 

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