“Populism is cancer”, 

says elite stooge Emmanuel Macron, the recently selected President of France. Populism -in case you didn’t know – being a codeword for
fascism and racism. The term populism  only surfaced recently, as the One World Government crowd observed increasing opposition to their plan for Total Power.

Macron, being a thoroughly corrupted sock-puppet, is always a useful indicator of what the globalists are thinking. Every word he speaks is the sound of His Master’s Voice. His entire election campaign had to be scripted and crafted for him, as he was never a politician, and merely a tool of the banking industry, carefully placed into government. (The identical process used recently  to position Sajid Javid as UK Home secretary in preparation for his coronation as British Prime Minister).

So when Macron compares populism to cancer, you may be sure this is the current view from the top of the globalist dung-heap.
Symptoms of the new cancer of populism include Brexit, Trump’s election, the Italian government coup, and the timely rebirth of Hungarian, Czech, Swiss and Austrian nationalism. These are, the media tell us, “populist” events.


Those of us with an ear for music will notice that in the mouth of say, a BBC teleprompter reader, the word “populism” acquires a faint but precise hint of scorn and derision to remind you that populists are the ignorant herd from whom you should flee. Be like us, croon the state newsreaders, 75% of whom are right at the top of the diversity Premier League, visually, verbally and victoriously. Today’s newsreaders are all medal-wearing veterans of the oppression Olympics, so able-bodied white males who present as agreeably English had better look elsewhere than the BBC if they want to read propaganda on the telly. The entire staff of Broadcasting House see themselves as heroic defenders of some glorious ideal, the last Spartan soldiers on the bridge between Global Paradise and an army of Populist brutes. (That’s you and I, by the way).

In this way – and with this word –  the pinstripe suits and the multi-culti warriors can accuse the rest of us of ignorance, incipient fascism and general ugliness without actually saying it. “There’s a disturbing rise in populism...” is so much easier to slip into a television chat than to come straight out and describe the UK population as moronic twisted racist scum – much as they would love to.

So just for the record, lets nail this word “populism” to the floor. The word itself stems from the Roman word “populus” which translates neatly into “the people”. The Romans, for European purposes, invented government. Populism, therefore, is the “ism” of the people – i.e. the will of the majority. In Roman times, the initials SPQR were displayed on government buildings, military flags etc. This stood for the four words Senatus Populus Que Romanus. Meaning, the senate and the people of Rome – meaning, the elected officials and the public (together). The Roman government did not -at least publicly- sneer at the role the public played. The “populus” were named as equal partners in civil society. Their will was at least as important as the senators’, because they had put the senators in place, to serve the populus – the public. The public – you and me.

So lets pay close attention to the puppet Macron, the monster Merkel and the muppet May.

                               They have not a single child between them. 

People who have no investment in the future should not be shaping yours. Here is the future their  elite controllers are arranging for you. A fake ‘society’ fronted  by puppet figureheads who have been groomed and schooled to stand in front of the cameras to sell you BLACK IS WHITE  and every other trope of globalist  garbage. And if you – you, the prole, the little person, should dare to question the childless, soulless creeps who pose as your “leaders”, then you are a populist. If you don’t subscribe to their theatre of Left Right fantasy, you are a populist. In other words, if you are in any way individual, your own boss, or think your own thoughts, you are a populist. Okay, Macron, Merkel, May – I admit it. I am a populist. Now get out of my way. 
Ian Andrew-Patrick 

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