There’s a simple explanation: you did not accept the training. What the government wants is not you


The government dream is a huge machine, where every part is a human heart. All they want is control over every single thing you do and everything you ever have. If you get some money the state’s hand is in your pocket; if you get a piece of land they come running with their rules; if you grow food you can only sell it through them, using outlets they approve, to customers they choose.


If you breed, your children will be taken from you and led through a forest of drug-filled needles to a training camp they must attend for 12 years.

After that, half the children are directed towards shop-counters, to spend their lives pouring coffee and beer or wrapping burgers. The rest of their lives will be spent in ignorance; unhappy, bitter and confused.

The other half are taken to shiny brainwashing camps, where the last shreds of their creative brains are stripped away and they are returned to their parents burdened with an unpayable debt. The rest of their lives will be spent working to service the bank, in a state of virtual ignorance: unemployable, bitter and confused. 

This is the reality government has arranged for 90% of the people in the UK. Around ten percent – the awkward, uncooperative ones – will be allowed a small degree of relative freedom, and become ‘self-employed’ – a state of being in which you spend sixty to eighty hours a week working while the vampires of tax and regulation swarm around your every move.

And perhaps you too are inclined to be awkward and more than a little uncooperative. Perhaps you think life should be lived as you choose to, and want only for the government to get the hell out of your way. 


Are you surprised that the government wants to replace you with a very different kind of person? 


    Ian Andrew-Patrick




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