The Islamist Murder of Tommy Robinson?

Caolan Robertson has reported on Infowars – click here that Tommy Robinson has been-without warning-transferred to a Midlands prison with a sizeable Muslim population. He spent last night in the cells listening to death threats
and chanting from Islamist criminals eager to get their hands on the UK’s most high profile activist.

This transfer could only have been arranged by orders from the very top – and that means Muslim Home Secretary Sajid Javid, who has long been viewed as the pro- EU pro immigration Islamist placeman at the heart of the Conservative political machine. As I reported last month –see this Javid is no ordinary politician – in fact he’s not a politician in any real sense. A lifelong employee of foreign globalist banks, he was sent back to the UK by his German paymasters at the Deutsche Bank to re-invent himself as an MP, with the promise of all the backing he would need to rapidly become Prime Minister. Once installed, he will be perfectly placed to destroy Brexit and deliver the last of British infrastructure into globalist hands. By brazenly placing the political prisoner Tommy Robinson into maximum danger of deadly assault, he reveals his true colours exactly as we predicted. If Robinson is killed, as the Muslim extremists who dominate UK prison culture intend, his blood will be on the hands of Sajid Javid – who will become a “made man” in the eyes of the bankster Mafia which controls the tyrannical EU from behind the scenes.

Robinson has -by choice or destiny -become a crucial pawn in the battle for the soul of independent Britain. He is the fulcrum upon which Brexit, immigration, and Islamisation turn. Already the figurehead of every pro-British independence group in the country, a relentless media campaign of lies and slander has succeeded only in uniting those who refuse to submit to the EU / globalist Borg.   The scale and persistence of the demonstrations and marches in support of Robinson has shocked the elite and horrified social commentators worldwide, who have gazed in astonishment at the spectacle of Britain transforming into a Police State tyranny.
The realtime cooperation of globalist corporations with the anti-Robinson agenda is naked, with Youtube removing Tommy’s last video from the platform within hours of his prison relocation. A video in which, ironically, he talked specifically about his imminent censorship from all social media. All of us engaged in similar commentary or criticism have heeded the unspoken threat.

Shut up or else.       


[UPDATE 14:00 – it has been reported -informally-that Tommy Robinson is now “down the block” – prison slang for solitary confinement – which, if true,is good news at least in the short term.]   

Everyone who stands behind Tommy Robinson – and there are millions – is now deemed to be “far right” an outrageous insult to a broad coalition that includes people from every class, creed and culture. Their common crime is to dissent from accepting extremist Islam and the primitive savagery such Islamists have inflicted on every country they can.   In 21st century Britain, refusal to bow to cultural obliteration makes you “far right”. Tommy Robinson refused, and now he stands in the cross hairs of the political hit-man poised on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street.
A shocking TV interview with ex-police sergeant John Wedger watch it here  revealed that the gang-rape / pedophile scandals are poised to explode as high-ranking police stand accused of personal criminal involvement  amid desperate attempts to keep the lid on corruption at the highest levels. Sources have claimed that Tommy Robinson was as close as 48 hours from lifting the lid on this when he was  summarily arrested, sentenced and jailed with a speed not seen since the days of the SS or the Stasi.
At every turn of this political thumbscrew, the fingerprints of the Home Secretary can be found.   

For the sake of what little remains of indigenous British culture, Sajid Javid’s corrupt political ambitions must be derailed, for if Britain accepts a Muslim Prime Minister, the country is lost, and Brexit is dead.

But if Tommy Robinson dies a sordid death at Muslim hands, in a prison where he should never have set foot, the Home Secretary may have unleashed a whirlwind beyond his control. Be assured, unless this grim script is quickly re-written, Robinson’s may not be the last blood spilled.

Ian AndrewPatrick 

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