You can’t blame the kids. They’re only repeating the lies they were told.
Lies they learned in state schools filled with
state-employed teachers. Lies they heard at home – in rooms that echoed to the sound of  state TV and state radio. Lies they heard again and again, on their way to that useless degree from that so-called “university”. Which was actually a brainwashing camp  staffed by sad-sack losers who couldn’t cut it in the real world. “Professors” – who couldn’t deliver a useful day’s work in any job where you have to deal with reality instead of fantasy.
Wake up, kids. The EU is a fantasy – like the Global Government it so desperately longs to become. So try and, like, listen for a minute, ok?
There are some things you
really need to know about
that “European Union.”



The European Union exerts authority over every aspect of life in Britain, with over 19 thousand separate rules, regulations and lawsThe British public were never allowed to vote about this.
Every one of these rules and laws was imposed on the people of the UK from above, by people who were never elected to anything by anybody.
Just think about that for a minute. A bunch of failed politicians and career businessmen get together in Brussels and form a club, call themselves the EU and award themselves the power to write laws that affect hundreds of millions of people. How cool is that? 
(What? Are you serious,dude, I mean, like – they just DID that?)
Yes they did. It was an outrageous con-trick from the start and they nearly got away with it.


Pop quiz! In 1999 an entire government body was forced to resign due to total corruption. Which government body was that? Answer – The European Commission! Yes, boys and girls – the European Commission – the very people who created those 19,000+ rules for the rest of us to live by
Can you believe that? Every single one of them had to resign. They had to throw the entire EC under the bus and find a new bunch of gangsters to front their crooked banking operations.    
 I know it’s hard to believe the world didn’t begin with your first Facebook post, but there actually was a time called 1975. That was the year of the Referendum. In that not-forgotten year, the British people were offered the chance to vote on a thing called The Common Market. This was a club that our glorious leaders had joined (without asking us) and we were told that now, years after the event, we could get to say if we liked it or not. Every single newspaper and television outlet bombarded the public for months in advance of the vote, insisting that unless we stuck with the Common Market Armageddon would follow. The economy would crash, jobs vanish, plagues of killer wasps and cannibal zombies roaming the shopping malls. (A campaign approach that might ring a bell for you). 
But we could prevent this nightmare (we were told) simply by accepting the European Economic Union. And what, we asked, is that? It’s a business club, they replied -a club of friendly countries designed to make everything cheaper – cars, food, houses, travel, beer, cheese and pizza. That’s all. It’s just about keeping prices down And we all want that don’t we? 
(Not a word, not a whisper about laws being made by tyrants you can never vote out of power!)
So the public, bless us, voted okay, we’ll run with that-the cheap cars and pizza thing.
And we blinked, the screen went wavy, and by the time we woke up our steel, oil, fishing and car industries had been butchered or sold to (foreign) corporations, we had 19,000 new laws, we were swamped with unwanted mass migration, 6000 mosques had been built, the NHS was on its knees and the Prime Minister is wearing a hijab and telling us how Muslims are great for the economy (but we’ve all got to suffer “austerity” and low wages  because -muh – “diversity”. 
Are you getting it yet?
And that is why, dear readers, when we got the REAL referendum in 2016 – The EU, yes or no, in or out, the majority voted out. And before you complain about crazy old people voting Leave, just stop and think for a minute. Those older people lived in the world BEFORE the maniacs in the self-appointed EU started screwing with our country. You don’t know if it was a better country then -or not – because you weren’t alive, junior. If you are lucky enough to stick around sixty-odd years, you will have plenty of time to discover just what dictators do when they get control of a vast population. 
Try #Stalin’s Great Adventures or # Mao’s Amazing Chinese Takeaway. (Only a few hundred million dead).      


Total power. Rulers of the Entire World. Lords of All Humanity. That’s what they were planning to be, kids! How cool is that !? 
Seriously, does anybody you know deserve that kind of power? Be serious. Nobody but nobody can be trusted with that level of control. Why? Why -you say – why wouldn’t a good guy (like you) just do GOOD stuff and make everything like, EQUAL. If the right guy (like you) had, like, total control, everyone could live in PEACE and have, like NO BORDERS – why not?
Let’s take these fantasies one at a time, shall we?
Okay. Take the keys out of your pocket. Go put the front door key in the front door. On the outside, please. Thanks. Now go unlock the car, and put the keys in the ignition. That’s fine, just leave them there. You can go back inside to your pizza and X-box now. Or sit and play with your I-phone. Chill. Everything’s AOK, first class, no problem. Netflix, Game of Thrones, whatever. No borders. Cos all people are equal, right? Nobody’s gonna like, rip you off, right?
Mum gave you a huge cake today. Massive. Big enough so everybody you know can have some. Your pals come and dig in – it’s the best cake ever. Woah – who’s that? Three big dudes you’ve never seen before walk in and start eating cake. (You left the key in the front door, remember?) But you’re the good guy so you don’t mind – cake for all, right? But these guys aren’t quite as good as you are (for one reason and another) and they have another slice, and then another. In fact two of them start putting big lumps of cake in their pockets and looking in the fridge to see what else you’ve got. (The third guy is taking your CD collection out to your car, where a fourth guy is gunning the engine). Now it’s decision time. You can let them do all this (cos you only do good stuff) or you can make them stop – using force. But wait! Force is BAAAD. You only do GOOD. Yes, but the cake – and everything else- is disappearing fast. You finally get off the sofa (the comfy sofa of goodwill and love and equality) and grab some of your stuff back. A fight breaks out, and now it’s you and your pals against the strangers with the cake (and the keys, and the carful of CDs.) And woops there goes your PEACE FANTASY.  
By the way, if you spotted that the “cake” story was actually an explanation of how government works, congratulations – advance to the next level! If you didn’t, it’s like, time you got off the sofa.  
Fantasies are great, but reality is where we all have to live – and reality is not that easy. No borders, good stuff and peace and equality look great with a hashtag, but hashtags don’t pay the rent, my friends. The EU fantasies are designed to sound appealing to kids. Because kids haven’t been around long enough to see what happens when these fairy-story plans become real. When the billionaires lock the gates on their estates and sit back laughing while the city streets become battlegrounds. When people start lining up on one side or the other, armed and ready to fight for what’s left of the  cake – to the death if need be. And then the big prison camps open up. And you wake up and find you’re in one. (Who, me?) Yes, you. Did you know, my socialist friend, that every single one of the leaders of the French Revolution had their heads cut off by the Guillotine (after their followers had  finished beheading aristocrats). Because that’s how revolutions go. The word “revolution” means you go round in a circle and end up back where you started. So think twice before yanking on your Che Guevara hoodie.   
The EU was the European leg of a three-pronged assault on human liberty designed to merge all nations into one great [          ] (please fill in your own noun – I like “herd” myself). Three areas – the Americas, the African / Asian Bloc, and the EU, all of them quickly merged into One. With One World Government supreme over all. And if you think you would get a say in who runs that gig, you really still belong in short trousers. Go read Orwell’s 1984, if it’s not too much trouble. The plan is right there in black and white -old as the hills and just as pointy. Total power, total control. A handful of Lords and a gigantic, international, multi-culti horde of peasants. They’ve been calling for it for decades -openly – for a New World Order. The EU was the engine that would drive all European people -and that means you – into the pen. The pen from which there is no escape. 

So, boys and girls. The train is in the station, waiting on Platform One. Destination is the New World Order. Are you on board?


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