Is Your Bilderberg Government Coming Soon?

What’s in a name? If the Bilderberg Group had been called “The Billionaire Psychopath Club” people might have noticed what they were up to
a bit sooner- and Europe (for example) might look very different today. But every dirty little think-tank in history comes with a name that tells you nothing concrete about its purpose or its power. So the Bilderberg Group -BG for short – is nothing if not typical of the breed, and conforms to the anonymous structure of those other groups to which so many of its members belong.

Comprising four of the most boring names in world history, here are the best friends of the BG-
The Council for Foreign Relations (CFR) , The Trilateral Commission (TC) , Chatham House, and the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) . Names that tell you little with regard to their aims and/or origins. Any one of them might as well be called the Relatives of Alpha or the Flying Knotkeepers. Their titles are meaningless and purposefully vague. The CFR  and the RIIA, however, do at least offer a hint – a nod and a wink – with the inclusion of the words “Foreign” and “International”. The nodding and winking being a discreet signal that the bods concerned are not confining their activities within the borders of any single nation state. Although they meet at various times in various countries, the faces are often the same and the agenda is predictably psychopathic.
The Eurozone, the destruction of nation states, open-border propaganda and the grim determination to engineer a one-world-government into existence -all these joys can be traced back to the BG.
In short, the BG exists to allow the elite scum of the Earth to gather in agreeable surroundings to plan the future for the rest of us dumb clucks, in private, off the record, with room service. Eager British fans of this globalist cabal will be chuffed to hear that this year Team Britain will be represented at Bilderberg by (disgraced former Chancellor) George Osborne, (disgraced former Home Secretary)  Amber Rudd and the glorious Governor of the Bank of England (former Goldman Sachs hatchet-man) Mark Carney.

    Globalism, as we know it, was without doubt born in these meetings – meetings of minds, military might, and money. BG members have openly boasted of how they created the European Union – a fact the angry citizens of Italy might wish to bear in mind when the Bilderbergers hit town tomorrow. (Anyone wishing to throw flowers etc. can find their beloved overlords staying at the NH Torino Lingotto Congress Hotel in Turin from Friday p.m.) 

It’s a measure of how effective the free Internet was in levering the lids off cesspools like the BG that until the 21st century, the actual existence of the Bilderberg Group was repeatedly denied and dismissed as a “conspiracy theory” -dismissed, that is,  by the “respected” print and broadcast media whose owners were -naturally- BG members themselves. As a consequence, when this particular lid was removed and the light of public interest shone brightly on Bilderberg, the bugs found themselves scurrying for cover. Before you could say “Fat Globalist” the BG had launched its own website, complete with agreeable codswallop and a pompous mission statement which announces that their  purpose is to ” foster dialogue between Europe and North America “. God bless you sweet masters!  You can read and enjoy their tepid PR guff by clicking here  –   I can recommend the  Frequently Asked Questions page as particularly hilarious.

Naturally, exposure to public scrutiny was the last thing the boys and girls from BG wanted, so it’s more than likely that nowadays they contrive to organise their important, more discreet meetings, far beyond the gaze of We Plebs. The annual -and now relatively public- meeting may be just for”show”.

However, I wouldn’t let that put me off visiting Turin this weekend. Not if I was, say, a Sicilian businessman eager to express my gratitude for the migrant invasion. Strictly business, mind you – nothing personal.

UPDATE 11:45 A.M.

In a moment of inspiration I went onto Tripadvisor and left a review of the Lingotto Congress Hotel on behalf of our globalist overlords, the Bilderberg Group. I don’t imagine it’ll last long on their site but here’s a screenshot of the original review –

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