As every good feminist will tell you, no means no. Consent is not a grey area. Yes and no are not similar. “No” is completely different from “yes”.
Which brings us to the “hard” Brexit
versus “soft” Brexit fantasy. What planet are we on here? The referendum was a simple, clear, choice. STAY in the EU or LEAVE. Stay or Leave. Yes or no. Listening to the pinstriped clowns in parliament arguing about hard v soft is a near-pornographic experience. In-out, or shake it all about? Soft Brexit – what is that? How do the hard left feel about  “soft” rape? Like, is it okay if you get a little bit raped? Or maybe raped in a polite way? I would love to see some of the more vocal Labour ladies challenged in this way –

“So Dianne Abbott, does no mean no when a woman says no to having a penis forced into her?”
“Of course.”
“So, does no mean no when the public says no to having the EU forced onto them?”
 “B-b-b-blaaah, w-w-w-waffle, squeak, and by the way everyone is a racist.” 

There is no middle ground. Negotiation is unnecessary. Brexit was not a declaration of war, it was a re-assertion of British independence. The right to govern our own country. It was the simplest political choice ever offered in the history of Britain. Yes or no, in or out? No means no.

Let’s extend this repulsive EU / rape analogy to it’s logical conclusion. Having withdrawn her consent to the EU two entire years ago, Britain is still flat  on her back with a great European phallus firmly planted between her legs. And the EU is humping away for all he’s worth. Which is hundreds of millions of our tax money every year, incidentally. And behind the sweatily humping EU is a lengthy queue of his strange, grinning friends who are eager to get a piece of the action for themselves. While Britain groans on her back, gasping –
 “I said NO, dammit, get off me!”


It’s a no-brainer that “soft Brexit” and “hard Brexit” are the inventions of desperate remainers, caught in the act with their pants around their ankles, blabbering excuses to just keep on humping.
  “You like it really, don’t you? That “no” was just you playing hard to get, wasn’t it?”

To quote a rather lovely feminist meme :
 ‘No’ is a complete sentence – it does not require justification or explanation.
Nobody agrees to a soft rape. No means no – ask any liberal or leftie
Consent matters.
Brexit now.

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