A TALE OF TWO LENNONS

In 1970 a Liverpool lad named Lennon famously, bitterly, sang the song of the “working class hero”. Almost fifty years later, a real one stepped out of the grim shadows of Luton – another Lennon, christened Stephen. And to protect his family and his own life from the consequences of his courage, this boy changed his name to Tommy Robinson.
John Lennon never lived to see Britain brought to its knees. In recent years, however, it has sometimes felt as if Tommy Robinson was keeping Britain standing single-handed. The Nazi war machine couldn’t do it with troops, tanks, planes and rockets, but the cowards and crooks who infest the palace of Westminster have succeeded where Hitler failed; they have broken the spine of Britain. 
Tommy Robinson has been snatched from the street for daring to voice the hideous truth. The sickening, diabolical truth ignored by the lickspittle liars of Fleet Street and the posturing TV clowns who call themselves “commentators”. Because Tommy’s truth is the truth that dares not speak its name – the truth about Islam. The dark, poisoned underbelly of Islam that walks in the footsteps of the robed and bearded “preachers of peace”. 
Tommy’s truth is the catalogue of monstrosities imported from the sewers of Africa and Asia, invited and welcomed by every British Prime Minister since the war criminal Blair. Welcome to New Europe – say a big diverse hello to vaginal mutilation, gang-rape, child-rape, child-murder. Say hello to the real rape-culture the Guardian can’t quite bring itself to recognise because it’s right there in their right-on, righteous pages wearing a smile and squeaking “not all Muslims”.
Tommy Robinson, grabbed and thrown into a van, vanished for the crime of pointing the finger at 29 “alleged” pedophile rapists who must be tried and convicted in silence because they’re the wrong sort of pedophile rapists – i.e. not white, working-class males.
Tommy Robinson, jailed for daring to invite the rest of us to behold the dirty truth that swept in from the East, grabbed and slung into a prison where that same foul “culture” is festering and seething, where the biggest, baddest bastards are all Islamic and are licking their lips in anticipation.
Tommy Robinson, hell, now you’re not even allowed to say his name in public if you you’re one of the oh-so liberal, classless, spineless nonentities who lick the boss’s butt in mainstream media.
Tommy Robinson, handed a 13-month sentence by a corrupt judge (“… fingers crossed for a prison murder, right chaps?”) for exposing the filthy, inevitable truth behind those “unintended consequences of limitless migration” like the Ariana Grande massacre, the Westminster massacre, the London Bridge massacre. And the silence where Tommy’s voice was is deafening. Because silence becomes them – the weasel-wordsmiths and pedophiles who infest the BBC and Parliament itself.
Reporting Restrictions, they call it. Censorship being a word we don’t like, not the sort of thing we do in Britain don’t you know?

But we do know. Because Tommy Robinson is us. Because this is either the end of Britain or the beginning of something else. Do you want to live in the kind of country where people are disappeared for the crime of speaking the dirty truth? Because now you do.




Are you Tommy Robinson? If so, bear in mind that your days are numbered.

Perhaps you will go to Downing Street and protest, in the name of free speech. Be prepared, however, because when you do that you become “far right”. It must be true cos that’s what they just said on the BBC. You are far right, got it? Free speech is just a far-right fantasy. This is the New England you didn’t see coming – although Tommy Robinson did, and they have jailed him for it. 
You see, when you stand far enough out on the extreme Left, everybodyis “far right”. And you may be sure “they” are laughing at you, even as you rage and roar in anger at their lies. Because their hatred of you is their hatred of Tommy Robinson. It’s you they despise – you and me and everyone else who grew up loving this country for what it was. And it is time for all of us to face the dirty truth that Tommy shouted aloud.
This is not your country anymore.

Keep you doped with religion and sex and tv…and you think you’re so clever and classless and free…but you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see.

                                                                  Working Class Hero – John Lennon

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