So here we are, April 2018, and our so-called Prime Minister, the ugly childless whore who posed in a hijab to please her globalist controllers, is proudly bombing Syria for Isis. In your name, British suckers. “We had no choice” said the latest foul-faced scumbag to pretend they represent you and me.

And it’s Saturday – Grand National day, hurray, so the sheep-like masses will be busy watching the ponies and perving over Pant and Dec or  Jerk Off or Strictly come Wanking and buying lottery tickets and dreaming of group sex in a Holiday Inn with a free party bucket of KFC for company.


But this was not considered important enough to change one word of UK immigration policy,

But today we -(“WE?” who the fuck is WE? )… ‘we’ have to drop bombs on a country in Africa because…because what? Because of some bullshit fuzzy propaganda video and a load of globalist liars on TV?

So now WE are bombing Syria for ISIS. Have you got that, friends? We are proudly lined up with the head-choppers of Al Qaeda and the baby-beheaders of Al Nusra and the raping, slaughtering scum of ISIS itself.

Let me spell it out if you still don’t get it. In this filthy war there are two sides.

SYRIA – The Syrian government, people, and their allies Russia.
ISIS      – Al Qaeda, a million Muslim  mercenary killers, USA and Britain, France and Saudi Arabia.

That’s it. Here it is – your New World Order. The worst scum of the earth…and us. ‘Great’ Britain.
Proudly killing brown people for ISIS. Bombs and missiles paid for with your taxes, fired and dropped to help the head-choppers stay in business.

And when the next wave of refugees arrives the same scum who did this will tell you “WE – yeah, that ‘we’ again – have to let them into the UK because that’s the MORAL thing to do.

It’s not accidental, guys and gals. This is exactly how it works. And in your heart you know it. Go get your meds and a bottle of the hard stuff and sit down in front of the telly. Here it comes again…

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