Whatever happened to our Syrian war? If you’re old enough to eat with a knife and fork you can probably remember that
not very long ago we were hell bent on getting some serious  war action going in a place called Syria. (And when I say “we” I mean the crooks who rule in our name…)
A mere three years ago the state TV stooges (BBC they call themselves) were busting a gut to get us behind the idea of dropping yet more friendly bombs on some brown people in the middle east. The script had a familiar ring – evil dictator…ruthless monster…chemical weapons… If you had a quid for every photo of a dead child with the words PRESIDENT ASSAD printed alongside you could have bought a car.
But then three rather unusual things happened.
British Prime Minister David Cameron got smacked in the gob with a wet fish when he asked parliament to vote for a “humanitarian” ( military) intervention – you know, that thing they call “creating a NO-FLY ZONE”, which sounds like you’re building a germ-free car park, but actually means dropping cluster bombs on civilians. (Killing civilians, by the way, is called “collateral damage”). Basically, a bunch of MPs who were sober enough to remember the astounding success of our Iraq adventure, decided to vote against Cameron’s ripping wheeze and the boys in cammo had to put the bombs back in their cases. Red faces all round, what?

Hard as they tried, neither Obama nor Cameron could manage to explain how you could fight in Syria against Isis but for Syria, when all the world could see that Isis was attacking Syria in Syria. The public just wouldn’t swallow it. Putting ‘our boys’ into Syria to “fight for justice” was a bit like putting Harry Kane into the German football team in a match against Italy to “help Italy win”. (Think about it). No amount of phoney “chemical warfare” con-tricks would help. Don’t believe you, said the public. Expect another “chemical weapons attack” tomorrow, or next week, and the next. It’s the only story they’ve got left, and it fooled Trump a few weeks after he got elected.The Pope, of course, will come out as usual to condemn the evil President Assad, because the Pope, in case you haven’t noticed,  isn’t a Catholic anymore (“Hell does not exist” being just one his memorable recent quotes). He’s just another globalist sock puppet, ever-ready to lecture you about climate change, the wonders of vaccination, why oil wars are great etc. However, as Christianity is on the retreat wherever it isn’t being actively strangled, he doesn’t carry much weight any more.
Vladimir Putin, not being a great fan of either the BBC or CNN, took a logical view of the war raging in Syria. Putin observed – correctly- that as Al Qaeda and ISIS were attacking the democratically elected President of a sovereign state, this was a bad thing. The fact that ISIS and their head-chopping chums were using arms supplied to them by the USA, Britain and the Saudis was not enough to put him off stepping in on Assad’s side – which was  the side of the majority of Syrian people, it should be noted.  And because he wasn’t just pretending  to fight Isis, like our heroic leaders, his heavily-trained, well-disciplined Russian forces kicked the bastards out of Aleppo and everywhere else.

Naturally, Putin’s own geo-political strategy was in play alongside his defence of Syria, but even the crooked scum who run the United Nations couldn’t weasel their way round the strength of Russia’s position in international law – because “international law” such as it is, was created by the UN itself.

Connoisseurs of anti-Russian propaganda may enjoy the irony. Russia had destroyed Isis in Syria, obliterated al Qaeda, and routed the rabble-army of blood-soaked thugs who had assaulted Syria, but absolutely nobody shouted “THE RUSSIANS DID IT!” The one thing you could say with total certainty that Russia really, truly DID, was simply unmentionable. Silence. Nada.

And that, dear reader, was what happened to our wonderful Syrian war.      

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