“Illiterate dog-yapping”  wrote the noble, irrepressible Morrissey, describing the journalistic output of the Independent. And the sun came out, like it always does in the end. You don’t need to be a Smiths fan to relish the spectacle of an intelligent, articulate gay pop star with a colossal, loyal following telling the liberal left exactly where to stick their cultural Marxism claptrap.
Morrissey -for it is he – is back, and seemingly invulnerable to the cliched assaults of the politically correct media stormtroopers. Actually, wormtroopers is more like it, when we’re talking about the likes of  Owen Jones in the Guardian. And come to think of  it, Owen was a big Morrissey fan too- ooh, must sting a bit when your idol craps on your political bedfellows from a great height, doncha think?
So the Indie -it’s a sort of excuse for a newspaper which got sold for about 50 pee  a while back – produced a dire, predictable bile-filled portrait of Morrissey, slating him for daring to speak aloud the thoughts of tens of millions of smart, wide-awake people who make the daily mistake of not being left-wing. And boy, did he respond, with a scathing reply that you can enjoy for yourself at his blog Morrissey Central. If there are any  pop stars out there seeking a worthwhile role model, here it is, girlie-boys. Armed with nothing but a brain and and a mouth that does rather more than lip-sync, Morrissey has, single-handed, redeemed (momentarily) the music industry from the brainless purgatory of droning Leftist groupthink. What next? Sting coming out for Brexit? Simon le Bon explaining the downside of a borderless Europe from the perspective of a retired millionaire international playboy? Let us dream…      

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